Genevieve Wax Stamp
Genevieve Wax Stamp
Genevieve Wax Stamp
Genevieve Wax Stamp
Design By Jenny Sanders

Genevieve Wax Stamp

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Filled with the most popular wedding flowers of 2019, create your own personalized details with this Genevieve Wax Stamp that your guests will love!

Designed with care by Jenny Sanders, incredible artist and designer from Portland, Oregon - embrace the beauty of simplicity with your very own Genevieve Wax Stamp.

A Note From The Artist:

"Almost every wedding has some type of floral element incorporated in the day.  There is a romantic yet natural element to flowers that is a perfect fit for such a special occasion."

     - Jenny Sanders


  • 1" Diameter Round Stamp
  • Solid Engraver's Brass Die to create a crisp impression in wax
  • Food Safe, and usable on clay, ice, metal, wax, and more
  • Quality Guaranteed, read "Our Guarantee" to see how we make sure you are happy with your purchase
  • Made In North America