Wedding Wax Seal Guide

Wedding Wax Seal Guide

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Planning your Wedding is a fun and exciting time! You get to spend time with your partner to figure out the details of the biggest and most important party you will ever throw.

With so many options and vendors to work with, the journey can be overwhelming. That is why we've created our Wedding Wax Seal Guide. This guide covers where to use wax seals, your design options, whether to make seals yourself and finally when to order your wax seals.

Where can I use wax seals for my wedding?

Wax seals are a classic touch that pulls all your wedding paper together. They are the perfect way to set the tone for a well-coordinated and beautiful day.  Here are the most popular place to use wax seals for your wedding.

Save The Dates

Pascala Monogram by Phillips Design for Artisaire

Wax seals can be used on your Save The Dates. Elevate your announcement either on the card itself or on the mailing envelope.

Mailing Recommendation: You may be required to hand-cancel envelopes with wax seals. This is a safer mailing option that can save envelopes from potential damage. We recommend using an Outer envelope when mailing wax seals for extra safety.

Wedding Invitations

Ophelia by Artisaire

The main venue, the Wedding Invitations. Save The Dates make the announcements, but these papers set the tone. There are many ways to use seals for your invites. The easiest way is to include your wax seals on the mailing envelope, however they can also be incorporated into belly bands, gate folds, tassels, and more!

Mailing Recommendation: You may be required to hand-cancel envelopes with wax seals. This is a safer mailing option that can save envelopes from potential damage. We recommend using an Outer envelope when mailing wax seals for extra safety.

Place Cards

Clarabelle by Artisaire

Whether for escorts or seating, including a wax seal on your name card will make your guests feel honored that you've gone the extra mile for them as a part of your wedding.


Windflower by Letter & Ink for Artisaire

Have fun with your bar and food menus! Including seals with the artwork of the food or drinks is a whimsical visual to add to your day.


Feyra by Artisaire

It is essential to let your guests know that you appreciate them celebrating with you. Make it more memorable by including your seal on wedding favors.

What artwork should I use?

We have two main artwork options. Ready-made and custom.

Ready-made designs are wax seals that do not need to be customized and have a lower price point, lower minimum, and deliver faster.

Our Custom designs are made to your specifications and are a higher cost and typical take a bit longer to arrive, however, they provide a meaningful way to personalize your event.

Whatever the case, all our wax seals are made to order and not stocked on a warehouse shelf. Giving you the highest quality, and ability to choose from our 36 colors.


Leighton by Artisaire

Make it all about you! A monogram is a classic detail that will complement every aspect of your wedding before, during, and after the day itself. Wedding monograms are composed of the first initials of you and your partner. Combine your initials with an ampersand, plus sign, or keep nothing between you and stand side by side. 

Monogram Tip: We recommend using alphabetical order for initials, and using both your first names. Three letter monograms are best saved for monograms after the wedding.

Monograms are part of our custom designs and are a higher cost than our ready-made options (more below), and start with a minimum order of 30 wax seals.


Savannah by Artisaire

Motifs are a decorative image that will quickly become iconic to your wedding. We offer many different options from florals, to animals, botany, landscapes, and more.

Motifs are part of our ready-made designs (wax seals that don't need to be customized) and is our cost conscious option with a minimum order of 10 seals.


Happily Ever After Script by Artisaire

What a better way to show than to say it? Phrases can be a perfect accent to every wedding. We offer essential wedding day phrases and we can also create a seal based on a phrase or saying that is meaningful to your relationship as part of our custom services.

Phrases are part of our ready-made designs (wax seals that don't need to be customized) and is our cost conscious option with a minimum order of 10 seals.

Custom Design

Custom Wax Seals by Artisaire

We can create commissions from your submitted artwork. Is there something special that captures your romance? We've done everything from crests, landscapes, flowers, furry friends, and more! Custom design is perfect for the couple who wants to go all out and create a truly memorable day.

Custom design is our highest service level and are valued the same as our monogram options plus artwork services while starting with a minimum order of 30 wax seals.

Should I make my seals myself?

Choosing between making seals yourself or having them pre-made can be challenging. Let's look at the process and the pros and cons of each method.

DIY Wax Seals

Tayla by Artisaire

If you are an experienced crafter doing DIY for your wedding can be a great way to save while giving yourself more creative freedom. To make your own seals you will need a wax stamp, sealing wax, and a sealing wax gun. We have more about the steps and process in our how to make wax seals guide.


  • More creative freedom
  • Lower cost
  • Keepsake stamp


  • Wax sealing learning curve
  • Takes time to make
  • Mistakes can ruin stationery

Pre-made Wax Seals

Ophelia by Artisaire

Need more time, or are you looking for many seals for a one-time event? We recommended opting for a pre-made wax seal. We'll stamp that beautiful handmade look for you every time and include an adhesive backing, so all you have to do is remove the backing and apply like a sticker!


  • Avoid spending time making seals
  • Professional quality seals
  • No learning required


  • Slightly higher cost
  • Less creative freedom

Typically, the couples we work with choose to order premade wax seals. However, we do have many creative couples who do the making themselves and create some truly gorgeous results!

When should I order my wax seals?

Wax seals should be ordered at the same time you are ordering your corresponding stationery. At ARTISAIRE our turn around time is as fast (or faster) than most Print Shops can print your order.

Explore our delivery timelines here.

 Stationery Timeline
Save The Dates 6-8 months before
Wedding Invitations 3-5 months before
Day Of Paper 2-3 months before (after RSVPs confirmed)
Thank You Cards Right after your wedding

Budget Tip: Making wax seals is an art like letterpress. It requires a die to be made and takes time for set up compared to digital print. We recommend ordering your wax seals at one time as many wax seal vendors (us included) give better rates for larger orders.

For Save The Dates, we recommend 6-8 months before your wedding. This will give your guests time to book days off and make travel arrangements. If you are planning a destination wedding, you may want to send them 12 months or more in advance.

Wedding invitations should ideally be sent 3-5 months before your day. This will give your guests time to RSVP and take care of any last-minute details.

We recommend having your guests RSVP at least 2 months before your Wedding day. This will give you an accurate guest count so you can confirm venue details like food, drink, and our favorite, stationery!

Don't skip the critical Thank You Cards! Send these within 1-3 months of your Wedding Day. The sooner the better, however, remember to enjoy your honeymoon! Be sure to include your parents, guests, and vendors. We recommend keeping track of the gifts you've received and by whom so you can make your Thank You Cards extra personal.

We always recommend ordering ahead of schedule to ensure you give yourself ample time for assembly, long-distance mailing, and mistakes.


We hope this guide will help you along your Wedding journey! We have been making seals since 1987 and have been so proud to help couples add their signature touch to their wedding. If you need any help, contact us at or start a live chat and we will answer any questions as soon as possible.

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