Holiday Stationery Guide

Holiday Stationery Guide

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For many of us, the holidays are the busiest time of the year. The hustle of ushering in the New Year can quickly become what feels like a never-ending to-do list. With gifts to wrap, cards to write, and family gatherings to plan. We have designed this guide to help bring intentional connection back to the holidays. 

Holiday Cards

Let's eliminate the idea that Holiday Cards are nothing more than an obligatory item on your to-do list. This year, we are sharing intentional holiday greetings that won't be thrown away with the wrapping paper (let's be honest, it happens). 

Greeting Cards

Choose Greeting Cards that make it to the mantle year after year. Thoughtful sentiments become treasured keepsakes when paired with their perfect card. Elevate the experience with a wax sealed envelope. 

Greeting Cards are best delivered in person and are beautiful accompaniments to wrapped gifts. 
Planning to mail your Wax Seals this year? Visit the Mailing Guide

Photo Cards

Are you celebrating a milestone year? A Photo Card is the perfect opportunity to share the joy of your moment and make a personal connection with loved ones, whether you are celebrating your first holiday season as a married or engaged couple or welcoming a new addition this festive season. Capture your special moment and share the excitement along with a handwritten message. 

Three Tips for Writing Holiday Card Messages

Make your Message Festive. 

Tis the season to open with your favorite festive greeting! Choose a greeting that suits the season celebrations of you and the recipient. 

Make your Message Personal.

Make a connection with the recipient. Wish them congratulations on something they accomplished this year, and share a life update or exciting news on your behalf. Be sure to leave the door open for future conversations and connections.

Sign Off at the end of your Message.

Sign off with the best regards. The festive season is often a very sentimental time, so don't be afraid to sign off "With Love." Include your name or signature. If you are signing on behalf of your family, include everyone's names for a more personal touch. 

Gift Wrapping

Compliment your thoughtful cards with wrapping details they won't tear past. Discover details that speak louder than words no matter what you are celebrating this season.

Gift Tags

Tie your seasonal style into the details with carefully chosen Gift Tags. Whether you are looking to elevate your wrapping or distinguish gifts from one another, an intentionally chosen Gift Tag will enhance your gift wrapping and create a memorable moment between you and the recipient. 

Wax Seals

Embrace the finer details and style your holidays with Wax Seals. Our Wax Seals come premade and finished with an adhesive backing, making application ever so effortless. (Which means more time for Eggnog!) Wax Seals can be applied practically to attach tags to wrapping or aesthetically on cards, tags, and gifts. 

Find the Seal that represents what the holidays mean to you, choose from our assortments of motifs and phrases, or go full bespoke and connect with our team to create your very own custom holiday Wax Seal. 

When Should I Order My Holiday Cards and Wax Seals?

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for mail couriers, along with an increased chance of weather-related delays. 

The earlier you order, the better! To receive your order (within Canada and Continental US) by December 15th, your order must be placed by December 1st. Remember to consider the additional time needed to mail your package or card. To best accommodate all possible timelines and potential delays, we recommend placing your holiday orders in early to mid-November.


We hope this guide inspires you to create memorable moments this festive season. Whether you are celebrating with loved ones in person or from afar, we hope to help you capture and share your holiday intentions. If you need any help, contact us at or start a live chat, and we will answer any questions as soon as possible! 

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