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Artwork: Symbol
Garden Wreath Wax StampGarden Wreath Wax Stamp
Pinky Promise Wax Stamp (Mx & Mx)Pinky Promise Wax Stamp (Mx & Mx)
Olea 3D Wax StampOlea 3D Wax Stamp
Leo Crest Wax StampLeo Crest Wax Stamp
Wintergreen Wax StampWintergreen Wax Stamp
By ArtisaireWintergreen Wax Stamp
Sale priceFrom $44.00
Fleur de Lis 3D Wax StampFleur de Lis 3D Wax Stamp
Beguiled Wax StampBeguiled Wax Stamp
Arabelle Wax StampArabelle Wax Stamp
Poinsettia Wreath Wax StampPoinsettia Wreath Wax Stamp
Monstera Love Wax StampMonstera Love Wax Stamp
Sweater Weather Wax StampSweater Weather Wax Stamp
Peacock Wax StampPeacock Wax Stamp
Papillon Wax StampPapillon Wax Stamp
Liana Wax StampLiana Wax Stamp
Fable Wax StampFable Wax Stamp
Silver Fern Wax StampSilver Fern Wax Stamp
Astrid Wax StampAstrid Wax Stamp
By ArtisaireAstrid Wax Stamp
Sale priceFrom $44.00
Genevieve Wax StampGenevieve Wax Stamp
Salal Wreath Wax StampSalal Wreath Wax Stamp
Ophelia Wax StampOphelia Wax Stamp
Windflower Wax StampWindflower Wax Stamp
Creative Wanderer Wax StampCreative Wanderer Wax Stamp
Chinoiserie Bird Wax StampChinoiserie Bird Wax Stamp
Camellia Wax StampCamellia Wax Stamp

Wax Seal Stamps

Create your wax seals with the highest level of clarity. Our stamps for wax seals are engraved in solid brass, a metal that is both gorgeous and exactly the right hardness to hold perfect detail. Our wax stamps pair perfectly with our sealing wax and sealing wax gun to seal your envelopes, letters, or add flair to your décor.

Shop some of our best-selling wax stamp designs including Eucalyptus, With Love, and Wild Rose, created in partnership with our Creative Community. Elevate your look with a monogram, single initial, or date wax stamp for a semi-custom statement.

Want your soap, confections, letters, or other handmade goods to bear a custom design? Check out our custom wax seal stamps! If you're making wax seals for the first time (or even if you're an expert), be sure to check out our How To Make Wax Seals guide for all of our favorite tips and tricks.  Browse our stamps for wax seals today and add the signature touch you’ve always wanted to create.

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