Genevieve Wax Seals - 25 Pack
Genevieve Wax Seals - 25 Pack
Genevieve Wax Seals - 25 Pack
Genevieve Wax Seals - 25 Pack
Design By Jenny Sanders

Genevieve Wax Seals - 25 Pack

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The perfect wedding floral, these Genevieve Wax Seals by Jenny Sanders feature some of the most popular wedding florals of 2019.

Designed with care by Jenny Sanders, incredible artist and designer from Portland, Oregon - embrace the beauty of simplicity with your very own Genevieve Wax Seals.

A Note From The Artist:

"Almost every wedding has some type of floral element incorporated in the day.  There is a romantic yet natural element to flowers that is a perfect fit for such a special occasion."

     - Jenny Sanders

  • Pre-made with an adhesive backing for easy application
  • Made with our Organic Edge
  • Handmade using no molds or castings to create an authentic wax seal
  • Flexible wax with professional adhesive backing allows this wax seal to be mailed
  • Modern formula ensures vibrant color while avoiding a glue-y or artificial feeling
  • Weighs approximately 0.02 oz (0.5 grams) and won't add significant weight when mailing
  • 1" diameter stamp used to make these wax seals, finished size is ~1.25"
  • Made in North America
  • Sold in packs of 25