Adhesive Backings - 50 Pack
Adhesive Backings - 50 Pack
Adhesive Backings - 50 Pack
Adhesive Backings - 50 Pack
By Artisaire

Adhesive Backings - 50 Pack

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Use only your best wax seals for you project. By making your seals on a mat then finishing with an adhesive backing let's you choose only the best.

Sold in packs of 50.

Adhesive Types:

  • Professional Grade - Our strongest adhesive provides a better hold than stamping your wax seals directly on a surface. Recommend to use for most projects, and will remain on envelopes when mailed.
  • Clear - Our clear adhesive has near the same hold as our Professional Grade adhesive, the only difference is no threading on the back. Perfect for seamless applications to glass or vellum.
  • Resealable - Similar to a Post-it note, this adhesive has a light hold and will continue to stick after several applications. Not recommended to use on the outside of an envelope.

    Sizing Information:

    • Listed sizes refer to the size of the adhesive backing.
    • We recommend selecting the same size adhesive wax the die used to make your wax seals.