In our pursuit to create the best we've sourced the highest quality, local materials for our products.

Below is where we source our materials and where we or a production partner make your items.

The lists below are not exhaustive of all our products and materials and may be subject to change.


Our products are the finished items you receive when making a purchase. The origin is where the making of the product takes place. 

Item Origin
Wax Seals Canada (In-house)
Wax Stamps Canada (In-house)
Sealing Wax Canada (In-house)
Adhesives United States (Production Partner)
Sealing Wax Spoon Canada (Production Partner)
Sealing Wax Gun China, US Owned (Production Partner)

In-house: We make this product in our studio.
Production Partner: We've partnered with another business to make this item.


Our materials are the supplies we purchase from other businesses to make your items.

Item Origin
Brass Dies Canada
Raw Brass United States
Sealing Wax Ingredients (Vegan, Conflict-free)* United States, Canada
Brass Handle Canada
Wood Handle (FSC® Certified)* China
Packaging Canada

*Represents a quality of the material. Our finished products have not been independently certified.

Support Makers

All Artisaire products are made in-house by our team of artisans.