Pouring Techniques For Wax Seals

Pouring Techniques For Wax Seals

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Are you ready to elevate your wax seals? Let us help by showing you our techniques for getting the perfect pour. Foremost, knowing what shape and edge style you want to make your wax seals will determine what pouring method you are using. That's right! There are three shape options and three different edge styles; each can help you portray a different tone to your wax seals.

Are you hoping for a traditional look? An organic shape will be your go-to! Maybe you are thinking of going more contemporary. Try a modern style! Or, were you planning on going outside of the box? Consider a raw-edged wax seal!  

Before you get started, read about how to make wax seals to ensure you have your space set up and materials prepared! 


Organic Wax Seals 

Organic wax seals are forever a favorite. This natural and established look will have everyone in awe over your invitations, mail, or project! Artisaire exclusively offers organic shapes for all pre-made wax seals to create an authentic, hand-made feel. But how can you pour this look when you are creating? 

Using your preferred melting tool, pour sealing wax in a star-like pattern. Remember that your wax seals will mimic the shape that you pour in! Organic wax seals have an imperfect edge; pouring your wax in an irregular motion will allow you to achieve this traditional shape.  

Modern Wax Seals 

Modern wax seals are sure to complete the mood with a clean and classy look. This round-edged wax seal is the perfect accent for your stylish stationery. 

Keeping your sealing wax pour steady and close to your surface is the best way to create this ring-shaped seal. This technique dispenses the wax into a circle, for a lovely modern wax seal when pressed with a round wax stamp. 

Making your modern wax seals with an oval wax stamp rather than round is a bit different! While you still want to keep your pour consistent and near your project, your sealing wax pour should mimic the shape of your stamp, oval! To do this, slowly move your melting tool in one direction while dispensing your wax. After stamping your wax seal, you should have a beautiful modern-edged oval wax seal. 

Raw Wax Seals 

Raw wax seals will beautifully compliment your eccentric suites and projects! Find the perfect stamp design and have the most quaint wax seal that looks to belong in a fairytale. 

Try making these unique seals by using just enough wax to cover the design of the wax stamp. Typically, this shape uses half the amount of sealing wax as a modern or organic wax seal. These little lovelies do not have an outer edge! 

Need help with your materials? We have a list of common creating questions with troubleshooting techniques in our Making Guide.

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