Adhesive Backings - 50 Pack


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We Promise Your Order Will Arrive Picture Perfect. We love the way our products …


We Promise Your Order Will Arrive Picture Perfect.

We love the way our products add a personal touch in all you do, and we work hard to make sure you enjoy them. 

However, we know sometimes mistakes happen. That's why if any order is fulfilled in error or arrives damaged, we will make it right. 

At no cost to you, we will replace your order, and send it to you by express shipping within 1 business day.

With Our Product Guarantee, You Can:

  • Be confident you are receiving high-quality products that are as you ordered.
  • Have peace of mind that if something does happen, we will make it right at no cost to you.
  • Know that if our products or service fail to meet our commitments, we will fix the problem immediately.

What To Do If Something Goes Wrong:

Email us at with your order number in the subject line, a description of what went wrong, and a photo so we can help. 


Use only your best wax seals for you project. By making your seals on a mat then finishing with an adhesive backing let's you choose only the best.

Sold in packs of 50.

Adhesive Types:

  • Professional Grade - Our strongest adhesive provides a better hold than stamping your wax seals directly on a surface. Recommend to use for most projects, and will remain on envelopes when mailed.
  • Clear - Our clear adhesive has near the same hold as our Professional Grade adhesive, the only difference is no threading on the back. Perfect for seamless applications to glass or vellum.
  • Resealable - Similar to a Post-it note, this adhesive has a light hold and will continue to stick after several applications. Not recommended to use on the outside of an envelope.

    Sizing Information:

    • Listed sizes refer to the size of the adhesive backing.
    • We recommend selecting the same size adhesive wax the die used to make your wax seals.

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