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2021 Color Guide


Our 2021 Color Guide contains the full palette for the 2021 year. This guide has 13 pages, with 10 pages of samples (40 PRO colors in total). Printed on thick, matte card stock with rounded corners our Color Guide will elevate your consultations while making it easy to pick the perfect color. The pages are held together by a loose-leaf binder ring, allowing you to add more color swatches, or pair down your color offering to a palette that fits your brand.

For any serious Designer, our Color Guide is a must-have.


  • 11 Swatch pages containing 40 colors
  • 1 Swatch Of The Year page, with new Matte colors: Meadow, Providence Blue, Cobblestone, Rosewood
  • Wax seals are 1" in size, made in the organic style
  • Bound with loose-leaf binder ring, to easily remove and reorganize pages
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2021 Color Guide