Wax Seals

Premade and finished with an adhesive backing ready to use.

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Wax Stamps

Solid brass dies, precision laser engraving.

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Sealing Wax

Gorgeous, mailable, and non-greasy.

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Melting Tools

The perfect tools for melting your sealing wax sticks & beads.

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Personalized Wax Seals

Personalize wax seals with your artwork or initial for your event.

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Personalized Wax Stamps

Upload your artwork or personalize with your initials to make the perfect keepsake.

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Sealing Wax And Stamps

Do you love crafting handwritten letters, envelopes, and invitations that overflow with an old fashioned character? Our products are designed to make this effortless. Artisaire is the leading maker of sealing wax, stamps, and wax seal products in North America, as well as related accessories. We carry pre-made seals and stamps for specific purposes and products as well as the option to customize your own stamp or seal. Give your next letter or mailing an unforgettable personal touch. Artisaire’s products are a perfect match for wedding invitations, one-of-a-kind events, handmade goods, creative occasions, and timeless fun with letters. Shop our wax seal products, sealing wax, and stamps today!