Wax Seal Sample Pack
Wax Seal Sample Pack
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Wax Seal Sample Pack

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Looking for loose samples to test our self adhesive wax seal sizes or adhesive types?

This sample pack is perfect if you haven't worked with wax seals before and want to make sure you are choosing the right adhesive and sizing for your project.

Sample Pack includes physical samples of: 

  1. Our three adhesive options.
  2. Our standard wax seal sizes.
  3. The three edge types.
  4. A ten pack of generic samples with a variety of colors, designs and edge styles.
    • Self Adhesive Sample Pack includes physical samples of our adhesive options, edge styles, and our standard sizes.
    • Includes one loose sample of our:
      • Professional Grade Wax Seal
      • Resealable Wax Seal
      • Craft Wax Seal
      • Modern Wax Seal
      • Organic Wax Seal
      • Artisan Wax Seal
      • Sizing Pack (standard sizes from 0.50" - 3" diameter)
    • These loose samples are designed for testing purposes only and will arrive in an assortment of colors, designs and edge styles.
    • All wax seals are made with WaxSeals.com exclusive HeoFlex® Technology for premium flexibility, color depth, and consistency.
    • Made from 100% North American sourced raw materials.