Custom Color Sealing Wax
Custom Color Sealing Wax

Custom Color Sealing Wax

Glue Gun Sealing Wax

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Create the perfect match with your very own custom sealing wax color!  Developed by our in-house Color Lab, our team has created custom sealing wax colors for designers, artists, brides, and brands around the world.  Matched to your choice of Coated Pantone Number, or physical sample – the possibilities for creative color are endless!

Glue Gun Wax Sticks are sold individually and are designed for use with a standard glue gun (0.44”). 

Product Details:

    • Glue Gun Sealing Wax is designed for use with a standard (0.44” diameter) glue gun.
    • Glue Gun Sealing Wax sticks are 4” in length.
    • Made with exclusive HeoFlex® Technology by for premium flexibility, color depth, and consistency.
    • Made from 100% North American sourced raw materials.

Custom Color Tolerance:

As all custom color sealing wax is developed in small batches using the universally recognized Pantone Color Matching System, custom colors are developed with the understanding that some color variation may occur due to the difference in mediums between ink and wax.  We create all custom colors to the best possible match with an accepted color tolerance of one shade lighter or darker than the provided PMS number.  

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