Blank Wax Seal Stamp
Blank Wax Seal Stamp
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Blank Wax Seal Stamp

Wax Seal Stamp

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Perfect for special projects where you want to create a blank wax seal, this Blank Wax Seal Stamp comes with our Deluxe Wax Seal Stamp and your choice of hand-carved wooden handle.

Made of 100% solid brass and paired with a Deluxe Wooden Handle.


    • Includes a 100% solid brass, 1" blank die and choice of Deluxe Wooden Handle.
    • Blank wax seal die arrives permanently attached to your handle.
    • Brass die is safe to use on any medium including: food, clay, ice, metal, and wax.
    • Not designed for resale.
    • 100% made to order in North America.