Vellum Sealing Wax

16 Ways To Add This New Trend To Your Wedding

Are you tired of seeing the same wax seals year after year?

You might think we’re crazy for saying this – because you know how much we love them (and we do) - but we ask this because we're ALWAYS looking for new ways to wax seal that will turn your invitations from oh wow... to WOW!

Whether you’re a bride, a stationer or a brand looking for the newest trend in wax seals, we’ve got just the thing you need for your invitations this season:

Vellum Sealing Wax

You read that right!!  This new style of sealing wax brings everything you love about vellum – the light, the airiness, the elegance – into one pretty little stick of wax that you use with your favorite wax stamp!

We’ve partnered with stationery stylists from our Creative Community to bring you inspiration on how to add this new wax style into your big day and the tips and tricks for using it!

Named one of Martha Stewart Weddings Top Trends For 2019, we’ve been in love with vellum for years and knew we wanted to create the perfect wax seal to pair with it this year.

Drawing likeness from some of our favorite wedding dress fabrics: chiffon, tulle, lace and satin – the texture and tones of vellum scream soft and airy romance, and is where our vision for this new wax style began!

The Inspiration

Working closely with our friends at, we created a new technique for wax-making that shared all the same characteristics as our other sealing wax - but also had the look and style of vellum!

Now, we know what you’re thinking:

Is it real wax?  Can I mail it?  Is it hard to use?  What does it look like? 

Don’t worry friends – we’ve worked with 16 of our Creative Community Members to test it, style it and get their feedback so you have everything you need to know to add this new trending color to your wedding!

Let’s get started!

Inspiration Photo Credits: Top Left: Mason Neufeld Photography | Bottom Left: Plume Calligraphy | Middle: K.R. Moreno Photography

5 secrets To Making The Perfect Vellum Wax Seal

For those of you who have worked with our other sealing wax colors - Vellum is similar in almost every way.  It's flexible (so you can mail it); it works with both a sealing wax gun or sealing wax spoon (though we recommend the first option); and is made with the same blend of ingredients as our other wax - meaning there are only a few small differences!

After testing out this new color, our Creative Community Members shared what would be the most helpful for you to know when using this color!

So, here are the Top 5 Tips To Making The Perfect Vellum Wax Seals:

1.  Keep It Cool!
The main difference between Vellum Wax vs. our other colors is that it needs to be melted at a COOLER temperature, so make sure you are using a low-temp sealing wax gun (or glue gun).  If you are using a spoon - keep the spoon farther away from the flame than normal to melt the wax more slowly.  If you start seeing lots of bubbles (some are to be expected) - your wax is too hot!

"It is even more important to use a lower temperature when working with this wax, as the transparency will reveal any bubbles that you might acquire with wax that is too hot.  I might even recommend turning your glue gun off occasionally to prevent the wax from growing too hot—but the extra effort is well worth it for this lovely, unique effect!"

     - Katrina Crouch, Blushed Design

2.  Keep Your Seal Simple
The beauty of this wax is how delicate and airy it is.  While you can use any style of design for your wax seal, really intricate designs (like super fine calligraphy monograms or intricate family crests) may be harder to see.  While delicate designs look beautiful in person - if you are looking for the biggest impact, try using clean lines and simple designs! 

"The new vellum color is a dream come true! One of my favorite embellishments to add to an invitation suite is vellum and this new vellum wax seal color is the perfect compliment to the light airy feel of vellum!"

- Aileen Fretz, Plume Calligraphy

3.  Layer Strategically
If you really want to bring out the “vellumness” of the wax – put your seal on top of darker colors.  This will really make them pop!  If you are looking for a softer, more airy effect, lighter colors look beautiful too!  (see examples below) Lastly, if you are looking for a really transparent effect for your wax seal, try pressing a little bit harder on your stamp.  The thinner the seal, the more transparent your seal will become! 

"I definitely love the airy look of the wax on a dark background. For lighter surfaces, I think using gold flakes or simple foliage/dried flowers would work well too, especially with a blank or geometric stamp!"

     - Ayla Peña, The Ayla VIew

4.  Keep It Clear
You’ve taken the leap and gone with vellum – whoop whoop!  Now it’s time to add your adhesive!  As this wax is clear, it is SUPER IMPORTANT TO USE CLEAR ADHESIVE!  Anything else will show through the wax.  Looking for clear adhesive backings for your invitations?  Click here.

Featured: Lei Wax Seals in Vellum | Photo + Styling by Little Carabao Studio

5.  Take Your Time and Have Fun!
One of the best things about making your seals with vellum wax – is you really can do anything with it!  Whether you choose to add embellishments to your seals before stamping; layer your favorite finishing pieces together for a cohesive look; or choose to keep your invitations simply beautiful, we hope you will enjoy the process!

Quick Tip: Make sure to add a little extra time to your assembly timeline, as this type of wax may take a little bit more practice to perfect - but it really is so worth it!  Short on time?  Vellum Wax is now available as a color option for all of our wax seals - we'll take care of all the work and make them for you so you have more time to plan the rest of your wedding!

"An exquisite wax seal color that will surely turn heads! It is a marriage between classic and modern feel. I am thrilled that you can actually customize it by adding embellishments like little flowers, gold leaf, glitter or anything you can think of. Another first from the wax seal leader - Artisaire!"

- Maurelle de los Santos, Maurelle Calligraphy

16 Ways to add vellum seals to your wedding

Invitations & Save The Dates

Vellum Wrap + Seal

by Plume Calligraphy

Add vellum wax seals to your wedding invitations and stationery by pairing it with a beautiful vellum wrap.

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Vellum Wrap
4. Arbor Wreath Wax Stamp or Arbor Wreath Wax Seals

Belly Band + Seal

by Little Carabao Studio

Use a vellum belly band and matching vellum wax seal to keep your invitations and RSVP cards together!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Gold Foil
4. Lei Wax Stamp

Vellum + Twine

by Paula Lee Calligraphy

Create the most beautiful layered effect by pairing delicate paper twine with your favorite vellum wax seal!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Eucalyptus Wax Seals in Vellum
2. Paper Twine or String
3. Dried Leaves

Vellum + Color

by Bare Ink Co.

Compliment any color palette using a colorful, textured belly band closed with a vellum wax seal!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Shine Bright Wax Stamp or Shine Bright Wax Seals
4. Textured-Edge Belly Band

Botanical Vellum
Wax Seals

by Maurelle Calligraphy

Create your own statement wax seals by adding a sprig of baby's-breath or your favorite flower before stamping your wax seal!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Baby's-Breath/Foliage.
4. Olive Wreath Wax Stamp

Traditional Envelope Styling

by Sablewood Paper Co.

Nothing says wedding invitations like a wax seal on the back of a beautiful envelope!  Keep it classic with this timeless look!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Eiffel Tower Wax Stamp or Eiffel Tower Wax Seals

Mixed Palette Wax Seals

by Blushed Design

Elevate your wedding invitations by using multiple colors of wax seals together. Vellum and Rose Gold? Yes please!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Blushed Bride Wax Seals
2. Rose Gold Blushed Bride Wax Seals

Gold Foil Vellum
Wax Seals

by The Ayla View

Embrace the beauty of simple elegance by adding gold foil flakes to your seal before stamping to create this gorgeous effect!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Gold Foil
4. Blank Wax Stamp

Wedding Day-Of

Vellum Escort Cards

by PaperOcelot Studios

Help your guests find their seat in style by creating your own personalized Vellum Escort Cards. Scroll down to see how!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Vellum Paper
4. Handmade Paper
5. Rosemary Wax Stamp
6. Calligraphy Supplies

Acrylic Place Cards

by Grace Niu Design

Vellum wax seals are the perfect compliment for acrylic place cards - the beautiful detail for any wedding table!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Elegant Geo Wax Stamp or Elegant Geo Wax Seals
4. Acrylic Place Cards

Branded Details

by Saffron Avenue

Adding thoughtful details like wax seals to your invitations and day-of decor is a great way to create a cohesive look for your entire wedding!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. With Love Wax Stamp or With Love Wax Seals in Vellum

Thank You Gift Wrap

by Ink & Press Co.

Adding this thoughtful detail to your thank you cards and gift packaging is such a lovely finish to a beautiful day.

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Silver Fern Wax Stamp
4. Wrapping Paper/Box

Fun & Creative

Marbled Vellum Seals

by Papel & Co.

A feminine twist for your seals, simply blend your wax and add a touch of glitter or foil before stamping to create these marbled, statement wax seals for your wedding!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Rosa Sealing Wax
3. Sealing Wax Gun
4. Gold Foil
5. Blank Wax Stamp

Black & White Vellum

by Design By Laney

Bring the classics to life for your wedding by blending vellum and traditional black sealing wax together for a chic and dramatic twist on the traditional wax seal!

Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Traditional Black Sealing Wax
3. Sealing Wax Gun
4. Paper Crane Wax Stamp or Custom Square Wax Stamp

Playful Patterns

by Nancy Moy Calligraphy

Looking for a great way to add pattern to your wedding invitations without using more color?  Vellum wax seals with your favorite design or print are the perfect way to do this!


Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Monstera Love Wax Stamp or Monstera Love Wax Seals

Inked Vellum Seals

by Ciarra Claire

Love the look of vellum but want to add a little more pizazz? Try dusting the top of your seal once stamped with your favorite gold highlighting ink to create this look!


Here's What You'll Need:
1. Vellum Sealing Wax
2. Sealing Wax Gun
3. Hedera Wax Stamp
4. Gold Stamping Ink

Ready to Add Vellum Wax Seals To Your Wedding?

The perfect Statement Piece For Any invitation Style