Using Glue-Gun Sealing Wax:

  • To use, insert the sealing wax stick into your sealing wax/glue gun, allow to heat up, and then pull the trigger on your sealing wax/glue gun, pushing the wax through the chamber.
  • Use an additional stick to push the sealing wax through the chamber as needed.

Number of Wax Seals Per Glue Gun Wax Stick (based on size of seal):

  • ¾” round: 10-12 seals
  • 1” round: 7-10 seals
  • 1.25” round: 5-7 seals
  • 1.5” round: 3-5 seals
  • 1.75" round: 2-3 seals
  • 2” round: 1-2 seals


  • Using more than 1 color? We recommend having a designated glue gun for each individual color purchased.
  • Cleaning Instructions if using the same glue gun for multiple colors:
    • Use 3-4 sticks of the new color to flush through the old color OR use 3-4 standard glue sticks (you may still need to use 1-2 sticks of the new color to clear out the glue).
    • Always start with colors from our Vintage, Modern, or Designer Collections before working with colors from our Original Collection when using the same gun.
    • If you are working with color that has a pearl finish, we recommend using that after a flat color as some of the pearl finish may remain inside the glue gun chamber.