Create A Moment Your Guests Will Remember.

Formal and elegant, wax seals create sophistication and beauty for your wedding.
Excite your guests with a traditional medium reinvented for modern elegance.

For those sending wedding stationery,
and lovers of all things beautiful.

Whether you want to slow down and hand stamp your own wax seals, or want beautiful wax seals made for you,
we are here to help you create your perfect wax seal.   

Beauty is in the moment.

Create A Personal Touch.

Announce your day of celebration with a wax seal that signifies your love and commitment. 
With our monograms join you and your spouse's initials together to create your symbol of affection. 

Inspire With A Time Honored Tradition.

In a digital era communication is  often quick, slow down and send mail that is truly significant.
Our wax seals help you create an emotion touch for your most treasured moments.  

Create Something Beautiful.

Does the outside of your envelope reflect the same care as what is inside? Continue the love and excite your guests .
With 100+ designs, custom artwork, and 60+ sealing wax colors you can create a wax seal that is beautifully yours.

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Send Beautiful Mail.