Our Story

Our story begins with two numbers. 2009 and 2018.

Before you know where our story truly begins, you must know our start 30 years ago.

We worked hard to provide wax sealing products 30 years ago. We supplied to brands by importing mass-produced products.

However, we couldn't create the experience we wanted.

Most applications of wax seals require sealing wax to be durable. This was problematic. Sealing wax that was flexible enough was referred to as "faux wax." Which was less than lack-lustre, and a far cry from authentic sealing wax.

Here comes our first important date, 2009.

This was the year we started manufacturing for ourselves. The year we breathed life into WaxSeals.com.

It was difficult. We had experience with the products, but not making the products.

We searched the globe from overseas to the USA, to Mexico, and beyond, to find the raw materials for our sealing wax vision.

For us, quality is our passion and is the one thing we never compromise.

Working with US and Canadian suppliers, after 8 long months of mixing and learning, we had finally found our perfect blend. Smooth and luxurious like traditional sealing wax, while having the flexibility that was needed.

With our new-found confidence, we gained from our sealing wax blend, we moved to bring everything we do "in-house." Literally. At this point, the business was nothing more than an office in the family home. With our sealing wax, it upgraded to the garage.

We brought all our stamps and wax seal making under our roof.

We worked hard, then worked hard some more, and over the years WaxSeals.com's reputation grew, so did our enthusiasm. We mainly created custom wax seals for big brands and packaging. However, we noticed there was a group of customers we were leaving out.

Our new goal was to create an enjoyable experience for those wanting a retail product.

So we started our Creative Community, bringing together a community of talented stationery designers they help us create beautiful designs for special occasions. As our community and designs grew, we decided WaxSeals.com needed a partner brand. One more focused on our new customers.

This proudly brings us to our next important date. While it is not the beginning of our story 2018 is a year that feels like beginnings.

In January of 2018, we launched our newest brand, Artisaire.

We took what we had learned from elevating some of the world's largest brands through wax seals and created products for the dreamers and romantics who believe in going beyond to cultivate connections.

Today, as our story continues, we still ring true to the passion for quality that got us to where we are. While 7,000 square feet is a world from the family garage, the spirit of the family garage has never left us.

We hope our passion brings a smile to the faces of those you care about, because love truly conquerers all.

With love,