What are Artisaire's Artwork Guidelines?

When it comes to artwork, capturing fine details is key to creating the best design. The number one factor is the quality of the image itself. The higher resolution we have to work with, the better your artwork will engrave.

Here are our guidelines for the best results:

  • AI, EPS, PDF file formats are ideal, JPG, PNG are usable as well
  • A die line around your design if you require specific placement
  • Vector image with no shading or 3D effects (we can engrave rough cross-hatching)
  • High resolution image (300 DPI)

We are happy to convert hand drawn artwork into an engrave ready design (additional fee required), all we need is the highest quality image you can send, with the image dark and clear. Lightly drawn or feathered images will result in a poorer quality artwork, and less definition in your final product.

Copyright: By uploading your artwork you are confirming that you own the copyright to, or have permission to copy the design you want created into a wax seal.

Can you engrave layered designs?

We can, and very much appreciate the level of detail for layered designs. Use varying levels of greys to break the layers apart, and the darkest grey/black will be the most raised part of your design on the wax seal itself.

We recommend typically using 3 different greys and following this structure:

Darkest grey: For the foreground, think of what part of the design is the closest.

Mid-grey: Midground, for the general details of the image.

Lightest grey: Works perfectly to create background details for the image.

Quick Design Tips:

Watch For Fine Lines

Wax is a perfectly imperfect medium, and it is entirely possible to engrave a design too fine for wax to enter your stamp. We recommend thickening your lines when creating a design, because the final impression will always be 20-30% thinner than your design.

Create Coverage

Your wax stamp will slightly sweat when making wax seals, and for designs with little coverage this may cause blemishing. Our recommendation is to use at least 50% of the area of your wax seal. If blemishing is a concern our engraving team may recommend placing a light background on your design.

This sounds like a lot, can you help?

When you order a custom product and upload an engrave-ready design, our engraving team will send you a digital image placement proof within 1 business day detailing what your engrave ready artwork will look like, along with recommendations to create the most impactful version of your design. This service comes complementary with 2 revisions.

If you have questions regarding your artwork before you place your order, please feel free to email us at info@artisaire.com with your artwork attached to the email!