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Introducing Artisaire Pro, It's a business program to help creatives grow their revenue by giving them the support and pricing needed to offer wax seals to their clients.

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Who Is Artisaire Pro For?

Artisaire Pro is designed for any business that uses styling products to create finished goods, or as part of a service. Our examples below are just some popular ways our products are used however, the only limit is your creativity!

Stationery Studios

Whether you have a consultation process or create ready-made/semi-custom invitation suites our wax seals can be added to your designs to elevate your offering.

Event Planners

Looking for a signature detail on brochures, menus, escort cards, or table numbers? Add wax seals to your Day-Of decor and create a memorable moment for your clients. 


Wax Seals are a perfect way to add a beautiful touch to a shoot. With Artisaire Pro you can use your discount to provide your clients better rates.

What Are The Benefits Of Artisaire Pro?

Get Exclusive Pricing

Delight your customers and grow your business. Get exclusive pricing so you can improve your margins.

Create Custom Wax Seals

Create wax seals that are unique to your business. We provide fully customizable wax seals to create your special offering.

Receive Priority Support

If you ever get stuck, or something went wrong, we are here to help. Call, chat, or email our support team and we will help you resolve the issue.

Learn How To Design Wax Seals

Make designing and selling wax seals easy. Our Wax Seal Design course teaches you how to add wax seals to your business.

Designs For Business Use

Use our designed products as styling pieces for your products or services. Artisaire Pro gives you client ready designs for your wax seals.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get the support you need by our team. Our Dedicated Account Managers work with you to make sure your needs are met.

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Quick Answers About Artisaire Pro

When Is Artisaire Pro Opening?

Artisaire Pro has officially opened and we are processing applications right now!

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