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Neutral Vintage Stamp Collection


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Add a special touch to your wedding invitations and stationery with vintage postage stamps. Dating back to 1946, these little works of art and history are sure to impress your guests from the moment they lay their eyes on your wedding invitations.

Known for vintage postage curation, Loly of The Little Postage House is an avid storyteller who uses her passion for design, paper, and history to create bespoke wedding stationery and vintage postage sets for her clients.  She tells each client's story, one stamp, and small detail at a time.


  • Quantity: Each pack includes 25 sets of postage that can be used to mail 25 letters at $0.75 each via USPS.
  • Postage Amount: Each set (1 stamp of each design) includes 75 cents of postage.  This is enough to mail a standard 2 oz. letter or a one-ounce letter with hand-canceling.
  • United States Postage: These unused vintage postage stamps were originally issued by the United States Postal Service. These postage stamps are valid for current use to send out mail via the USPS. 
  • Each order includes:
    • 25 Inkwell & Quill Stamps
    • 25 Stutz Bearcar Stamps
    • 25 Concord Stamps
    • 25 North Carolina Stamps
    • 25 Pan America Stamps
    • 25 Posting a Broadside Stamps

How To Use:

  • To reach $0.75 of postage, simply adhere one stamp of each design to your envelope (4 stamps total per envelope) as shown in the photo above.
  • These vintage postage stamps have a gum adhesive on the back that becomes sticky when moistened.
  • You can moisten them with a damp sponge or glue stick to adhere your vintage stamps, as an alternative to the traditional method.
  • For use within the United States Postal System.

As postage amounts vary based on the weight and characteristics of the mailing, please confirm the required postage amount with USPS prior to sending out your wedding invitations and stationery.

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Neutral Vintage Stamp Collection


Out of stock

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