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Single Initial Wax Seal

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Add a touch of personality to your invitations, letters, or snail mail with your very own Single Initial Wax Seal Stamp.

Engraved into a 1” solid brass die, our Single Initial Wax Seal Stamps come with your choice of initial in our most popular font, Shelley Allegro, and our signature dotted border.

Prices listed in USD.

 Product Details:

    • Includes a 1” solid brass die engraved with your selected initial, and choice of modern wood handle.
    • Layout engraved as shown above, and includes our signature dotted border and most popular font, Shelley Allegro.
        Includes our standard die which is designed for simple artwork and small batch stamping only. 
      • Brass die is safe to use on any medium including: food, clay, ice, metal, and wax.
      • 100% made to order in North America.
     Optional Upgrade:
      • Designer Die: Made of 100% solid brass that has been designed to hold temperature longer and capture fine details and intricate artwork.


     Order Process:

      • Standard orders will ship within 1-3 business days of receiving your final order confirmation from our Design Consultants. 
      • Single Initial Wax Seal will arrive as shown in the product photo with your selected initial.
      • Prices listed in USD.

     How to Use Your Wax Seal Stamp:

      1. Chill your wax seal die on an ice pack.
      2. Put your Glue Gun Sealing Wax Stick in your sealing wax gun (or standard glue gun) and heat up.
      3. Pour a small circle of wax.
      4. Wipe off the die on a soft, clean cloth and carefully place the die into the wax.
      5. Let the wax cool for a short time (~10-15 seconds)
      6. Gently peel the die and wax apart.


    Recommended Uses:

      • Wedding invitations
      • Stationery
      • Snail Mail
      • Crafting
      • Gift Wrapping
      • Branding
      • Stamping on confections such as chocolates, fondant, cupcakes, cookies, etc.



    ·         All orders ship FOB from Victoria, BC Canada.

    ·         As delivery times are estimated, please be aware that delays due to weather or customs may occur and alter estimated delivery date.

    ·         Shipping options are based on live rates and may adjust based on weight, destination, and timing of your order.

    ·         Any duties or taxes are the responsibility of the recipient; North American orders under $2500 are covered under NAFTA.


    ·         As all products are made to order, we do not accept exchanges or returns.

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