Heirloom Vow Books
Heirloom Vow Books
Heirloom Vow Books
Heirloom Vow Books
Heirloom Vow Books
Heirloom Vow Books
By Paula Lee Calligraphy

Heirloom Vow Books

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Forever remember the promises made on your wedding day with these beautiful handmade Vow Books by Paula Lee Calligraphy.

Created in collaboration and letterpress printed by Belinda Love Lee in Toronto Canada, each set of vow books is letterpress printed on soft, handmade deckled paper, adorned with recycled chiffon, hand-dyed ribbon. 

"I aim for my work to be delicate yet vivid, simple yet refined. Like the unevenness in a branch and the space between leaves, I celebrate character and every little detail in between. When I am not calligraphing, I can be found dreaming up home decor ideas, sipping on coffee or exploring my beloved city of Toronto."

- Paula Lee, Paula Lee Calligraphy


  • Each Set Includes 2 Vow Books with your choice of:
    • His & Hers
    • His & His
    • Hers & Hers
  • Materials:
    • Cover Pages are made from soft, handmade paper
    • Hand-dyed silk ribbon
  • Books contain 8 smooth finish pages for writing.
  • Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5"

Please Note: Due to the nature of handmade paper, inconsistencies, flecks and "imperfections" are to be expected - and only add character to the books.