With Love Wax Seals
With Love Wax Seals
With Love Wax Seals
Design By Saffron Avenue

With Love Wax Seals

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Add a modern touch to your invitations, gift wrapping, or stationery with this "With Love" wax seal from the Saffron Avenue Collection.


  • Pre-made with an adhesive backing for easy application
  • Handmade using no molds or castings to create an authentic wax seal
  • Flexible wax with professional adhesive backing allows this wax seal to be mailed
  • Modern formula ensures vibrant color while avoiding a glue-y or artificial feeling
  • Weighs approximately 0.02 oz (0.5 grams) and won't add significant weight when mailing
  • Made in North America


1" (25mm) stamp used to make this wax seal, total finished diameter will be approximately 1.25" (32mm)


We recommend hand-canceling or using an outer envelope when mailing to prevent potential damage. Additional charges may apply for hand-cancelling.