Styling Wax Seals With Ribbon & Twine

Everything You Need To Know

Whether you have already decided you are using wax seals and ribbons on your wedding invitations or you are just discovering the beauty of these two details combined, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about using wax seals and ribbons together!

We talk tips and tricks, methods, measurements and tools, and styling! Get ready to take some notes, because this guide is FULL of information. 

Tips & Tricks

Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for making wax seals on ribbon or twine:

  • Have a hair straightening iron close by! It is the perfect tool for ironing out any wrinkles in your ribbon and it's smaller/easier to handle than a real iron.
  • Parchment paper or wax paper is your best friend. Why? Keep reading...
  • Decide on what style you like (see style inspo below) and how much ribbon you'll be using for each invite. Cut and prepare all your ribbon before starting! Sounds obvious but make sure you order enough ribbons, different styles require different amounts of ribbon!

Wax Seals vs. Wax Stamp

In this section we are going to break down the different methods you can use to create a wax seal and ribbon look. We discuss how to approach each method for success and the pros and cons!

Wax Stamp

To make your own wax seals on ribbon or twine, we have one tried and true tip. PARCHMENT PAPER! This method ensures that the wax seal doesn't stick directly to the invite. Instead, it will float perfectly on top!

Pros: Control over the look of the wax seals, creative flexibility, wax seal meshes or melts into the ribbon 

Cons: Time consuming, room for more waste/mistakes

  • Cut pieces of wax paper (smaller than the size of your invitations) and have them ready to go! 
  • Lay your invitation on top of your pre-cut ribbon, cross it over in front. We recommend the cross over style (versus the knot) as wax seals look best on a flat surface.
  • Underneath the crossed ribbon, place a piece of parchment paper. This is to protect your invitation from getting sealing wax directly on it.
  • Make your wax seal on top of the ribbon and parchment paper. Once completely cooled, remove the parchment paper and your wax seal will be fully adhered to the ribbon only!
  • To watch a video of this method, click here!

Wax Seals

To use our premade, self-adhesive wax seals with ribbon, you can use the following trick to ensure the wax seals don't stick directly to the paper and only to your ribbon!

Pros: More efficient since the wax seals are premade, consistency among the look of the wax seals

Cons: You lose the effect of the wax seals being "melted" into the ribbon 

  • When placing your wax seal order, put in your order notes that you do not want adhesive backings on your wax seals. For this method, you will need to order one pack of sealing wax in the same color as your wax seals!
  • Pre-cut your ribbons and small pieces of parchment paper (wax paper should be smaller than the size of your invitations).
  • Cross the ribbon over and place a piece of parchment paper underneath the ribbon. We recommend not making a knot with the ribbon, as wax seals best adhere to a flat surface!!
  •  After you have crossed your ribbon, in the location where you want your wax seal, put a tiny blob of wax in the same color as your wax seals, onto the ribbon.
  •  Quickly press the premade wax seal onto the blob of wax. Remove parchment paper and voila!


"Measure twice, cut once" but how much ribbon do you need? That is the question!

For a typical A7 invite, working your ribbon around the shortest width of your invite, 1 yard of ribbon will make roughly 3 belly bands, using the crossover style (no knot). 

If you are making your own wax seals, you will also need to do some measurements. We have a great tool for calculating how much sealing wax you will need, based on the number of invites you are sealing and the size of the stamp you are using. See Sealing Wax Calculator below!

Styling Wax Seals & Ribbon

The Double Twine Wrap

Photo Credit: Jenny Sanders + Tara Lynn Butterworth

The Ribbon Superhero

Photo Credit: Claire Falco

The Classic

Photo Credit: Jenny Sanders + Tara Lynn Butterworth

The Single Twine Wrap

Photo Credit: PaperOcelot Studios + Mason Neufeld

The Ribbon Belly Band

Photo Credit: Saffron Avenue

The Double Up

Photo Credit: Tono & Co. + Ryan Franklin Chin

The Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on ribbons and wax seals! You are now fully equipped to go out into the world and create your wax seal and ribbon dreams! 

If you have any questions, you can email us at!