How To Use A Wax Seal

How To Use A Wax Seal

The Artisaire Guide To Perfect Wax Seal

Do you like receiving beautiful mail?  Of course you do!

Do you want your guests to receive beautiful mail? Absolutely!

Could anything be a more perfect compliment to your envelopes than a wax seal? Of course not! ;)

But… how do you make the perfect one? What type of wax should you use? What is the best technique? Can you mail wax seals?

Don’t worry – we have ALL the answers you need to make the perfect wax seal!

Garden Wreath Wax Seal by Plume Calligraphy

First of all – if you’ve never made wax seals before… we are SO excited that you’re here!

Whether this is your first time or fiftieth time making wax seals, this guide is going to cover everything you need to know about mastering the art of the wax seal!

The number one lesson we have learned about wax seals is:

Making the perfect wax seal is both an art and a science;

And we’re here to show you how to create them #theartisaireway!

What Is A Wax Seal?

A wax seal is a stamped piece of wax used to embellish wedding invitations, envelopes and stationery.

Eucalyptus Wax Seals by Paula Lee Calligraphy

Sounds simple, right?

Well, this is where the science comes in.

When it comes to choosing the perfect wax seal – what your wax seal is made from makes a huge difference in how your seals will look!

There are lots of different options available – from solid brass (our favorite) to brass coated alloys and even aluminum, we have found that solid brass wax seals are THE best option.

Why? Solid brass is designed to hold temperature the longest, which means you can make seals easier and more quickly than other forms.

Even more importantly – solid brass can hold much finer detail than other forms of metal, meaning your seals will be more delicate, more intricate and more gorgeous on the back of your envelopes!

Plus... did you know that brass is also the only form of wax seal to be food-safe? Yup - chocolate wax seals here we come! But more on that later...

What Do I Need To Make Wax Seals?

If you answered ‘yes’ that this is your first time making wax seals – first of all, we’re SO excited for you!  Second, we are here to make this process as easy as possible!

When it comes to making beautiful wax seals for your wedding, your brand or your special event, having the right tools to make your wax seal is key!

Now that you know what type of wax seal you need – let’s go through the other items you will need to create the perfect wax seal kit !

Your Wax Seal Kit Should Include:

  1. Wax Seal Stamp(s)

  2. Sealing Wax 

  3. Wax Melting Vessel (Sealing Wax Gun, Sealing Wax Spoon, Melting Pot, etc.) 

  4. Heat Source 

  5. Bowl of Ice (or ice pack) 

  6. Microfiber Cloth or Soft Towel

How Do I Use A Wax Seal?

Now comes the fun part – the art of making your wax seals!

Once you have assembled your tools (mise en place anyone?), there are four main steps to the perfect wax seal:

Step 1: Prep + Chill Your Wax Seal On Ice

Quick Tip: Before you get started – make sure you have all your tools laid out and within reach.  While you’re gathering your materials, stand your wax seal up on a piece of ice and allow it to cool. 

Step 2: Melt and Pour Your Wax

Quick Tip: Depending on the type of sealing wax you are using (more on this below), this step will vary – but as a general rule of thumb, you will need a quarter-sized amount of melted wax for each 1” wax seal.   

Step 3: Create The Impression

Quick Tip: Wipe off any condensation on your die using your hand or a microfiber cloth before stamping.  Once your die is pressed into the hot wax, leave it to cool slightly for 10-15 seconds before moving on to step 4.  

Step 4: Reveal Your Wax Seal

Quick Tip: Gently wiggle the handle of your stamper to test if your seal is ready to be removed. Better yet – start by making a few test seals on a silicone mat or piece of wax paper to practice. These practice seals can be re-melted in a spoon or melting pot and used again!

Now, as we mentioned in step 2 – how you melt and pour your wax will vary depending on what wax you are using.

We recommend Glue Gun Sealing Wax for 99% of projects - as it is the easiest form of wax to use and is perfect for wedding invitations, mailing, and day-of décor.

In the next section, we will walk through a step-by-step look at each form of wax and how to use them:

  1. Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks

  2. Sealing Wax Beads

  3. Traditional Wax Sticks 

  4. New: Self Adhesive Wax Seals.

What Type Of Sealing Wax Should I Use?

Remember when we said that wax seals are both art and science?

Sealing Wax is a beautiful, colorful, mysterious blend of both worlds! But… “what type of sealing wax is right for my project?”

If you’re anything like us – you’ve fallen in love with the look of wax seals, but want to make sure that you can actually make them look like the gorgeous photos you seen on Instagram and Pinterest.

So let us be the first to tell you that you CAN do it!

Here’s how:

Glue Gun Sealing Wax

What is Glue Gun Sealing Wax? 

Glue Gun Sealing Wax is one of the most brilliant inventions to the world of wax seals (if you ask us….) and is our #1 Recommended Sealing Wax!

Designed to fit in a Sealing Wax Gun - Glue Gun Sealing Wax provides you with more accurate, more consistent wax seals, in a fraction of the time of more traditional methods!

We’ve worked closely with the team at to create a special collection of sealing wax colors – all of which are specifically designed for wedding invitations, mailing, branding and really anything else you can imagine!

Why We Love This Method:

  2. Quick and easy-to-use; 
  3. Wax melts quickly and consistently;
  4. Fits perfectly into a 0.44” Sealing Wax Gun
  5. Creates the perfect pour with no risk of burning or spilling;

1.Add your favorite color of Glue Gun Sealing Wax to a Sealing Wax Gun and allow to heat up.

Quick Tip: Don’t have a Sealing Wax Gun? Any standard (0.44” diameter), low-temp glue gun will work with our glue gun wax sticks!

2.Once your wax is thoroughly heated, pull the trigger (1-2 times) to pour a small circle of hot wax onto your surface.

Quick Tip: If your wax isn’t coming out fast enough, leave your wax to heat up for a few more minutes.

3.Place your chilled wax seal stamp in the center of the hot wax. Leave for 10-15 seconds.

Quick Tip: Press your seal gently into the wax for a deeper impression. If your wax seal is sticking to the wax – leave your seal to cool for another 10-15 seconds.

4.Gently peel your wax seal away from the cooling wax.

Quick Tip: If your wax seal is sticking to the wax – chill your die on ice for more time between stamping.

Glue Gun Sealing Wax Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

  • Make sure to chill your wax seal stamp on ice before stamping into the hot wax. This will create a more detailed impression – and make it easier to remove your wax seal from the hot wax. 
  • Make sure you are using a solid brass wax seal when using this type of wax – as it will speed up the process. 
  • Each of our Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks will create 7-10 x 1” round wax seals. 

Current Color Favorites:

  1. Rosa 

  2. Bright White 

  3. Navy Blue

Sealing Wax Beads + Spoon Method

What Are Sealing Wax Beads? 

For those of you romantics at heart, you’re going to love this method!

Inspired by traditional wax seal practices, making a wax seal using wax beads and a spoon over an open flame is probably one of the first things that come to mind when you think of wax seals.

Trust us, the first time we made wax seals – that was our thought too!

Designed to melt over an open flame in a Sealing Wax Spoon, this method can take some practice - so make sure to always have lots of wax to practice before getting started!

Why We Love This Method:

  1. The process is sooooo relaxing! 
  2. This method is great for making one or two seals at a time; 
  3. We can easily mix and blend colors to create marbled wax  seals; 
  4. We can use our MLKANHNY Sealing Wax Spoons – and            we LOVE them!

1.Add 1-2 wax beads to your sealing wax spoon.

Quick Tip: Each of our Sealing Wax Beads will make approximately 1 x 1" wax seal.

2.Place your spoon over a candle or open flame. Allow wax to melt fully.

Quick Tip: If your wax starts burning, raise your spoon higher above your heat source.

3.Pour a small circle of wax onto your invitation or envelope.

Quick Tip: You will need a marble-sized amount of wax for every 1" wax seal.

4.Place your chilled wax seal stamp in the center of the hot wax. Leave for 10-15 seconds, then remove.

Quick Tip: If your wax seal is sticking to the wax – chill your die on ice for more time between stamping.

Sealing Wax Bead Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

  • Have extra Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks on-hand? Try cutting them up and melting them with the same technique above! 
  • If you find your wax seal sticking to your wax – make sure to chill it on ice! Trust us – it makes a world of difference! 
  • Make sure you are using a solid brass wax seal when using this type of wax – as it will speed up the process. 

Current Color Favorites:

  1. Antique Gold
  2. Champagne
  3. Rose Gold

Traditional Sealing Wax Sticks

Traditional Sealing Wax Photo by Faven Lettering

What is Traditional Sealing Wax?

To all of you Phantom of the Opera fans out there (hello!), traditional sealing wax sticks are a great option for small batch wax seal making and crafting!

A popular self-melting method, this type of wax is perfect if you are on-the-go or looking for a quick way to add a wax seal to your favorite love letters or snail mail!

Often more breakable than modern forms of wax (see Glue Gun Sealing Wax or Sealing Wax Beads above), this type of wax is great if you are hand-delivering notes or invitations to your loved ones, however we do not recommend using this type of wax for sending through the mail!

Why We Love Traditional Sealing Wax Sticks:

  1. We love feeling connected to historical wax seal making; 
  2. This type of wax is self-melting (only require a lighter to            melt);  
  3. Perfect for creating that “classic” dripped wax seal effect;

1.Light the wick of your traditional sealing wax stick and hold downwards at a slight angle.

2.As the wax begins to melt, small drops will pool, forming a circle of melted wax

3.Once you have enough melted wax (about the size of a quarter), gently press your chilled wax seal into the hot wax.

4.After waiting for 10-15 seconds, gently remove your stamper to reveal the seal underneath.

Traditional Sealing Wax Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you find your wax getting too hot and starting to burn, allow your wax stick to cool slightly before continuing. 
  • This form of wax can also be melted using a melting pot – which can help create consistent temperature within the wax. 
  • If you are wanting to make a number of seals at one time or want to mail your seals, we recommend working with Glue Gun Sealing Wax – which is designed for this method!

NEW: Self Adhesive Wax Seals

What are Self Adhesive Wax Seals?

Ok – for those of you who’ve had your fair share of Pinterest-projects gone awry…. (don’t worry – it’s happened to the best of us a time or two), there is a genius little invention called Self Adhesive Wax Seals.


Self Adhesive Seals are individually pressed wax seal stickers that come already made and finished with sticker backings - with your choice of look and stickiness!

Why We Love Them:

  1. Super quick & easy to use; 
  2. They arrive pre-made with an adhesive backing on the back of each; 
  3. Individually pressed in a wide variety of different styles so they can look as unique as you like; 
  4. Lots of adhesive options for different applications; 
  5. Mailing friendly and a HUGE time saver!

1.Peel off the adhesive backing.

2.Place seal into position on your surface.

3.Press down firmly to adhere your seal.

Self Adhesive Wax Seal Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks:

  • Are you putting your seals on the back on an envelope to send through the mail? Professional Grade Wax Seals are perfect for this! 
  • Looking for a super cute way to brand your thank you gifts or party favors? Self Adhesive Seals can go on curved surfaces!! 

Pre-Made Designs We Are Loving:

  1. Eucalyptus by Paula Lee Calligraphy 

  2. Wild Rose by Little North Company

  3. Poppy by Papel & Co.

The Wrap Up

Wild Rose Wax Seals by Little North Company

We hope you’ve enjoyed our step-by-step guide to making wax seals #theartisaireway and hope this has been helpful and informative!

Whether you are planning to add wax seals to your envelopes, wedding invitations, rsvp cards, save the dates, seating charts, or any other application – as long as you have the right tools and the time to practice your technique, beautiful wax seals are always in reach!

How was your first wax seal experience?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Xx

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