What Designs Can I Use for Wax Seals? 

Can you remember why you first fell in love with wax seals?

Was it how they looked? How it felt to open an envelope sealed with one? How pretty the wax was?

For us, it was the design!

Being able to capture such incredible detail on a tiny space has always been one of our favorite things about wax seals – but how do you know where to start?

Whether you have worlds of design experience or none, we’ve got you covered!

Today we’re answering your most frequently asked design questions so you can create the perfect artwork for your wax seals!

Your Top 10 Design Questions: 

  • What type of designs can I use for my wax seals?  
  • I don’t have any design skills – do you have pre-designed wax seals available? 
  • What wax seal should I use for my wedding? 
  • How do I create a wedding monogram?  
  • Do you make custom wax seals?  
  • What size seal should I use?  
  • Can I make something other than a round wax seal? 
  • What are your custom artwork requirements?  
  • Will I receive a proof?  
  • Can I use my hand-drawn artwork or a photograph?  

What Types of Designs Can I Use for My Wax Seals?  

This is a great question to start with – because the sky is the limit!

Wax seals are all about personality, which is why the design you choose should be as beautiful and unique as you are!

There are 4 main types of designs to choose from: 

  • Couples Monograms (perfect for weddings, anniversaries and gifts) 
  • Personal Monograms (perfect for personal stationery and branding) 
  • Signature Designs (a beautiful accent piece for any occasion) 
  • Custom Artwork (perfect for weddings, branding and packaging) 

As you start searching for the perfect design, here are three things to remember:   

 Make A Statement.

Whether these seals are for your wedding, your brand or your event – choose a design that stands out to you! Your first instinct is usually the best, so don’t be afraid to go with your gut!

Be Intentional.

You came here because you wanted to create something special, so use your tiny canvas to its’ full potential!

Be Creative.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself with your wax seals by experimenting with shape, size, color and embellishments! 

I don’t know how to make custom artwork. Do you have pre-designed wax seals available?  

We sure do!

We’ve partnered with some of the most amazing designers (click here to meet them) to create a beautiful collection of monograms, botanical illustrations, sentiments and more so you can find the perfect design - even if you have no design experience!

Looking for more inspiration and design tips?   

Explore our four most popular wedding looks and the step-by-step guide on how to create them for your wedding:   

    What wax seal should I use for my wedding? 

    We LOVE this question!

    Having seen everything from monograms and family crests to dog portraits and unicorn wax seals – the world is your oyster!

    To find the right design for your big day, start by asking yourself these four questions:  

    • What am I putting my wax seals on? 
    • What is my wedding style?  
    • Will I be using the same wax seal for everything? 
    • Do I want a wedding monogram?  

    Photos (clockwise from top left to bottom left):  Jenny Sanders | Paula Lee Calligraphy |
    Saffron avenue | Little Carabao Studio | PaperOcelot Studios

     1.  What am I putting my wax seals on? 

    It's important to start with where you will be putting your wax seals:

    On your invitations?  On your menus? Thank you cards?

    Even thinking about those 3 examples, the type of design you would want to use for each may vary!

    For Example:   

    • If you are using wax seals for your invitations – a monogram is a beautiful choice, whereas a sentiment might not make as much sense! 
    • If you have worked with a stationery designer to create a cohesive theme for your stationery – creating custom wax seals using your custom artwork may be the best option! 
    • If you are adding wax seals to your thank you cards or favors – a sweet sentiment might be just the thing! 

    Photo by Anna Elizabeth Photography

    Quick tip: Wax seals are beautiful and functional – so use them as double duty whenever possible!   

    • Adding wax seals to your escort cards? Table number wax seals might be the perfect design to choose for that as they are both pretty and functional!  
    • Adding wax seals to your menus? Using different designs to help your wait staff identify which guest receives which entrée is a super helpful tip! Even better? Use a different color for a quick visual for your wait staff!  
    • Want to add a wax seal to your programs? Use your wedding monogram to tie your invitations and day-of stationery together!  

    2.  What is my wedding style?  

    We know you’ve thought a lot about it: How your wedding will look, what you will wear, whether you will have a photo booth, a flower wall, or both?

    Your wax seals should reflect that same style!

    Whether the pins on your Pinterest wedding board are soft and romantic, gothic, or crisp and modern – finding a design that goes with your theme is a great place to start!

    Whichever style you identify with, click here to see our latest pre-designed wax seals!

    Quick Tip: Working with a stationery designer? Let them know you are interested in adding wax seals to your stationery – they will be able to create a custom design specifically for your seals!  

    3.  Will I be using the same wax seal design for everything? 

    Stationery is trending in a big way – from save the dates, invitations, rsvp cards, menus, escort cards, seating charts, favor tags, and thank you cards, we’re seeing more and more brides using wax seals across ALL stationery on their big day.

    This means tons of opportunities to get creative with your wax seals!

    If you will be adding seals to multiple pieces of stationery, there are two schools of thought:  

    • Use one design for all your wax seals, but experiment with different colors.   

    Or, you can:  

    • Use one color for all your wax seals and experiment with different designs.  

    Sticking with one of these options will create a cohesive look across your stationery without overwhelming your guests with wax seals!   

    Photos by Mason Neufeld Photography | Stationery by PaperOcelot Studios

    Design Tips:  

    • Try pairing your monogram wax seals with an accent design (like a floral illustration or sentiment) for your day-of wax seals.  
      • Using the same color for both will create a cohesive look across your entire wedding.
      • Using monogram wax seals for your invitations and your signature design wax seals for day-of stationery will help you use wax seals across your whole wedding without feeling like your monogram is EVERYWHERE!
    • Love your wedding monogram but want to add variety to your seals? Choose a different wax colors based on where you will be using your seals.  
      • For example: If your invitations have gold foil on them but you are using lots of greenery in your centerpieces – try pairing your invitations with Antique Gold Wax Seals to accent the gold foil and Olive Wax Seals for your menus to accent the centerpieces. This will highlight your seals beautifully and add some extra visual interest to your big day.

    Want more creative ways to add wax seals to your wedding and how to simplify your planning process? Click here for our Wedding Wax Seal Guide.

    4.  Do I want to use a wedding monogram?  

    Monogram wax seals are the most popular design chosen by brides and grooms, but they're not for everyone!

    Don’t be afraid to get creative and do something totally unique if a monogram doesn’t feel right for you and your partner! For some great examples, browse our feed to see what our couples have been up to!

    If you happen to be as in love with monograms as we are, here are a few of our current favorites:  

    How Do I Create A Wedding Monogram? 

    You’ve decided on monogram wax seals for your wedding…. now what?

    When searching for your perfect monogram – it’s all about finding one that you and your partner love!

    There are three types of monograms to choose from:  

    • Traditional Three Letter Monograms (for married couples) 
    • Two Letter Monograms (for engaged couples; alternative last name structures, same-sex couples) 
    • Personal Monograms 

    Traditional Three Letter Monograms:  

    Perfect for married couples, three letter monograms typically follow the same arrangement:

    Her first initial, their shared last initial, his first initial

    Photo by Plume Calligraphy

    Using the above photo as an example:  Melissa Smith and Andrew Grey's couple monogram would be MGA, assuming Melissa decided to take Andrew's last name. 

    This style of monogram does not typically include an ampersand, +, or other joining elements as they tend to throw the visual balance of the monogram off.  Borders, backgrounds and crests are beautiful elements to add to this style of classic monogram. 

    Whatever arrangement you choose for your monogram, there are two things to remember:  

    • This style of monogram is only appropriate to be used AFTER you have said “I do”.   
      • Your married couple monogram is perfect for menus, seating charts, reception signage, or on your dance floor - but is not traditionally used on wedding invitations or pre-ceremony stationery.
    • If you have a larger letter in your monogram – that is ALWAYS your last initial and should go in the center for best visual balance!  

    Two Letter Monograms:  

    This is by far the most popular style of monogram for wax seals! Perfect for more casual couples, engaged couples, same-sex couples and couples with alternative last name structures, this monogram style is always a great choice!

    Photo by Plume Calligraphy

    When creating a two-letter monogram, there are a few rules of thumb:  

    • Ladies first.   
      • When laying out your monogram, it’s traditional to list the bride’s first initial first, followed by her groom’s. If you are a same-sex couple, it’s traditional to arrange your initials alphabetically using either your first names or your lasts!
    • Create balance.  
      • Some letters look better together than others. If you find your two-letter monogram feels off-balance, feel free to get creative with the layout, order and design to create something pleasing to your eye!
    • Be consistent.  
      • If you are using a monogram on your wedding invitations and another on your dance floor – try and be as consistent as possible. Your monogram should be treated like your brand, so the more consistent and cohesive, the better!

    Best Sellers:

    Personal Monograms:  

    When creating a monogram for yourself, there are three different layouts you can use

    Block: FIRST – MIDDLE – LAST

    Traditional: FIRST – LAST – MIDDLE

    Single: INITIAL (can be first or last)

    Photo by Plume Calligraphy

    Depending on what style best represents you, the only thing to remember is that if your monogram has a larger letter in it, that initial should always go in the middle and should always be your LAST initial!

    This is by far the most popular option for personal wax seals, but can be used for weddings and branding as well! 

    Best Sellers:

    Do you make custom wax seals? 


    Custom wax seals are our specialty and have been at the heart of our business for the last 25 years!  

    How do I make a custom wax seal? 

    The process of creating custom wax seals is SUPER simple:   

    • Create your artwork  
    • Place your order online. 
    • We’ll create an electronic proof and send it to you via email 
    • Let us know that you love it and we’ll start production right away! 
    • Once your seals are ready, we will ship them straight to your door! 

    What Size Wax Seal Should I Use?  

    For most designs (monograms, illustrations, etc.), 1” and 1.25” will work perfectly!

    If you are working with a very intricate design (like an ornate monogram, custom crest, intricate logo, or fine illustration), larger sizes may be best. As we are making a 3D engraving out of your artwork, fine lines and details need space to come through clearly when pressed into wax – which is why we often recommend larger seal sizes for those types of designs.

    So how do you know what size to choose? We’ve created a sizing guide that you can use to compare your artwork to and find the right size for you!

    Worried that you haven’t chosen the right size?

    Don’t worry – we carefully review every order that comes through to make sure you’ve chosen the right one! If our graphics team has any recommended changes – they will send you an email!

    Important Things to Remember:   

    • Wax seal size can refer to either the diameter of the stamp used to make your seals or the total finished size - so make sure to check before checking out!  
      • For example, our listed sizes refer to the diameter of the stamp we use to make your seals so if you order 1” wax seals, the total finished size of your seals will be ~1.25”
    • If you are looking at sizes greater than 1.25”, we would recommend using our downloadable sizing guide or ordering our Wax Seal Sample Pack – which has physical sizes up to 3”. 
    • 1” and 1.25” are our most popular sizes for wedding wax seals. 

    Can I make something other than a round wax seal? 

    You sure can!

    We offer 3 different shapes and can always create something totally custom for you: 

    What are your artwork requirements? 

    You’ve decided to create custom artwork, but how do you know what type of file to send us?

    To help make sure your artwork is wax seal ready, follow these artwork requirements:  

    As we will be turning your custom artwork from a 2D image to a 3D engraving, it’s important to remember these key tips when designing your artwork:  

    • Make sure your artwork is a black and white vector file!
    • No pixilation! Your artwork should be crisp and clear so we can capture all the details.  
      • Quick Tip: Zoom in on your artwork file to make sure it doesn’t look like a bunch of blocks joined together. If it does, recreate your artwork in a higher quality format.
    • Do not use shading, crosshatching or 3D effects!   
    • Make sure your artwork is as big as your screen! Do not size your artwork to the size of your seal before sending it to us – we will take care of any re-sizing for you! 
    • Use simplified artwork when working with seals smaller than 1”. Putting lots of small details into a small seal will result in merging when engraved.  

    If you would like to create custom image wax seals but only have access to lower quality artwork, it is important to note that your seals may not engrave as smoothly or clearly as a vector file would – this may also cause more blemishing in your seals. If your artwork resolution is too low, we will send you an email as part of the proofing process.    

    Will I receive a proof?

    If you are ordering one of our monograms or custom wax seals, we will send you an electronic proof!

    This will be sent to you via email 1-2 business days after you place your order and will show the placement and positioning of your artwork on the wax seal. Once you receive it, make sure to send it back (with your approval) as soon as you can so we can get started on production!

    Please Note: These proofs are for approval of placement and positioning only and do not show a virtual mock-up of how your finished seals will look.  

    Can I use my hand-drawn artwork or a photograph?  

    This is where things can get a little tricky!

    As hand-drawn artwork and photographs are not high-resolution, vector images – they are often hard to work with! Depending on the resolution of the digital image we may be able to help. 

    To turn your design into a workable format:   

    • Hire a private graphic designer to convert your hand-drawn illustration or photograph into a vector file that meets our criteria for custom wax seals. 
    • You can send your artwork to our team via email (info@artisaire.com) for review. If our graphics team has availability in their queue, we may be able to work with you to convert your file into an engravable format. Additional fees may apply. 
    • Lastly, you can work with a designer to create custom artwork inspired by your photograph or illustration. If you would like recommendations, our Creative Community members are well-versed in designing artwork for custom wax seals. 

    The Wrap Up 

    Now that you’ve found the perfect design – you’re ready to build your toolkit!

    If you have any questions about artwork or designing the perfect wax seal, leave them in the comments below!

    Happy Designing!

    The Artisaire Team

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