7 Ways To Use Wax Seals For Your Wedding

The love of your life popped the question. . . and you said yes!

Finding your perfect venue, saying yes to the dress, finalizing your guest list and creating the perfect invitations… we know you’ve got a lot on your plate – which is why we’re here to help!

So, whether you’re just starting the planning process or are in the thick of it – let us be the first to tell you that adding wax seals to your big day is a BRILLIANT decision and we can't wait to help you master them!  

Why Should You Use Wax Seals For Your Wedding?

 The first thing to remember is that your wedding day will go by quickly – no matter how organized you are!

Getting your hair and make-up done, coordinating your bridal party, taking wedding photos, making speeches and toasts, oh and did we mention actually getting married?  That’s a lot of things to fit into one day!

So, how can you do all of those things and make sure your guests feel special and welcome?     

This is where the details come in!

Whether you add a special note to each guests' place setting, create personalized escort cards, or find the perfect gift, adding thoughtful details (like wax seals) for your guests to enjoy throughout the day is a great way to make them feel appreciated - especially if you don't have lots of time to spend with each one! 

Photo by Mason Neufeld Photography | Stationery by PaperOcelot Studios

How Can I Add Wax Seals To My Wedding?

A match made in heaven for stationery, you might be thinking that wax seals are only for invitations, but they can be used for SO much more than that!  

With more and more day-of stationery and signage trends hitting the scene, wax seals are being used as a core theme across all parts of the big day.

From invitations and save the dates, to menus, favors and more – the possibilities really are endless!

1.  Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations

The most popular use for wax seals is on an envelope. They are a thoughtful detail that creates a professional look for your invitations and save the dates! Elevate your wedding stationery by adding wax seals and show your guests some extra love!

Top Ways to Style It:  

  • Belly Band (We LOVE a silk ribbon + wax seal combo!)
  • Vellum Wrap
  • Envelope

Pro Tip:  Using premade wax seals is the easiest, fastest and most stress-free way to add wax seals to your invitations - plus they travel through the mail the best!  Enjoy spending more time on other parts of your big day and leave the wax seals to us! For more info on these beautiful time-savers, click here!  

2.  Programs

Tired of plain, printed programs on white paper? So are we! Adding wax seals to your programs is a stylish way to emphasize an understated part of wedding stationery. Plus, have you ever met anyone who’s been disappointed when they’ve received a wax seal? Nope, we haven’t either!

Top Ways to Style It:  

  • Up front and centered
  • Embellished 

Photos Credits: Mason Neufeld Photography & Stationery by PaperOcelot Studios (picture 1 and 3) | Stationery by Cream Paper Co.

Pro Tip: Pick a design inspired by your venue for a cohesive look! Getting married in a forest? Choose a sprig of your favorite tree branch. Getting married in an art gallery? Try a modern geo print! For more advice on how to find the perfect design for your wax seals, click here.

3.  Welcome Gifts

In case you’ve never worked with our wax seals before – we’re about to let you in on a little secret… YOU CAN PUT WAX SEALS ON ANYTHING!

Making swag bags for your guests? Adding wax seals onto candles or bottles of bubbly is THE most adorable finishing touch

Pro Tip: Adding wax seals to glass? Professional Grade Wax Seals are THE way to go! These seals were made to curve and flex with a strong hold, so your candles look stunning when your guests receive them!

4.  Seating Charts & Signage

Help your guests find their seat in style with your very own Wax Seal Seating Chart! Featured on all the major wedding blogs, this trend is happening everywhere – and we’re totally obsessed! 

Top Ways to Style It:  

  • Ombré Wax Seals
  • Mirror, Mirror on The Wall 
  • Color Blocked Beauties

Photo by Lisa Gorjestani |  Seating Chart by Lotus & Ash

Photo by Ashley Slater Photography |  Seating Chart by Sable & Gray

Seating Chart by Couture Concepts NYC

Pro Tip: Resealable Wax Seals are the perfect way to attach escort cards to your seating charts! They are strong enough to hold your escort cards to your seating chart but can be cleanly removed by your guests and taken with them to their seat!

5.  Menus & Place Settings

Imagine attending your friend’s wedding only to find she’d created a personalized place setting for you with a special thank you note and wax seal. How touched (and impressed) would you be?

Place settings are the next opportunity (after your invitations) to do something personal for each guest. Adding a wax seal (with either the same design or one inspired by the ones on your wedding invitations) to their menu is an elegant way to go that extra mile for your friends and family!

Photo by Mason Neufeld Photography with Stationery by PaperOcelot Studios

Top Ways To Style It: 

  • Color Coded Cuties
    • Have multiple entrée options for your guests? Choose a different colored wax seal for each entrée option and use that to adorn your guests’ menus. Not only does this look fancy, but it will help your wait staff identify who gets which dish!
  • Thoughtful Design
    • Use the same flower in your centerpieces as the design on your wax seal for a thoughtful detail.
  • Organic Beauties:
    • Stamp your seals directly onto your menus with a sprig of your favorite herb. This will create a lovely aroma for your guests as they sit down to eat! Use something featured in your wedding entrée? Even better!

Photo Credits (clockwise from top left to bottom left): Stationery by Ink & Aisle |  Menus by Michaela McBride Calligraphy |  Menu by Bourne Paper Co. | Photo by Cory Weber with Stationery by Ciarra Claire 

Pro Tip: Table Number Wax Seals are a great time saver if you are looking to add seals to your day-of décor. Bonus – this is a super fun group project to do with your bridesmaids as it takes little-to-no technique! Add some rosé, a few yummy snacks and your favorite playlist and you’re good to go!

6.  Wax Seal Desserts

This is one of our FAVORITE ways to use wax stamps and it will totally blow your guests away! Our stamps are made of solid food-grade brass, which means they are perfect for stamping into your favorite sweet treats! With all the creative dessert table ideas popping up, this is not one to miss!

Top Ways To Style It: 

  • Chocolate Seals
    • These sweet treats make the best little favors for your guests to enjoy on the ride home! Simply stamp your brass die into melted chocolate (make sure to use a chilled surface like a frozen marble cutting board to make them) and voila! Stamped chocolate coins complete with your wedding monogram – adorable and delicious!
  • Creative Cupcakes
    • Stamp directly into your icing or fondant to create the cutest cupcake decorations. Branded with your wedding monogram on top? Even better! Adding these to your dessert table will sure be a talking piece for years to come!
  • Celebration Cookies
    • Stamp your custom brass stamp in cookies before baking as the perfect treat topper!

Photo Credits (left to right): Mimi's Cupcakes Martha Stewart Weddings | PaperOcelot Studios 

Pro Tip: For the best impression, use thicker, bolder artwork! Because what you will be using to make dessert wax seals (chocolate, fondant, etc.) will be denser than wax, thicker lines will allow more material into your stamp – creating a sharper impression! And remember to tell our team if you are using your stamp for desserts – we’ll make sure to engrave it extra deep!

7.  Thank You Gifts and Wedding Favors

Send your guests off in style by adding sweet sentiment wax seals to their thank you cards or favors. This quick and easy DIY detail is a super thoughtful way to spruce up any thank you gift!

Top Ways To Style It: 

  • Thank You Tags
  • Thank You Gifts
  • Gift Wrap (wax seals look SUPER cute on mason jars)

Photo Credits (left to right): Lovestruck Events | Wishtree Invites |  | Poppins and Post with Kindred Events Co

Pro Tip: Remember that you can make your wax seals like a sticker using adhesive backings so they’re even easier to use for gift wrapping! This is a great project you can do ahead of time or while you’re enjoying your next Netflix binge. For more info, here’s our guide on How to Make A Wax Seal!

What Design Should I Use for My Wax Seals?

Now that you know where you will be putting your wax seals, it’s time to design them!

Choosing the right design for your wedding wax seals is totally up to you! Whether you are looking for something timeless and traditional, fun and playful, or romantic and feminine, the three most popular designs for wedding wax seals are:  

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? We’ve had couples create wax seals with everything from their wedding logo to their fur baby’s face – so don’t let tradition get in the way of what feels right for you and your partner. After all, it is your wedding day!

For more advice, tips and tricks on how to create the perfect wax seal artwork, click here

What Color Should I Use for My Wax Seals?  

If you’ve already chosen your wedding invitations (or the stationery you will be placing your seals on), finding the perfect wax color is easy! Whether you choose to match your seals to the color of ink you’re using or want to add a complimentary color inspired by your wedding flowers – color is another amazing way to get creative with your wedding wax seals!

Still not sure where to start? Whenever you’re pairing wax seals with stationery, there are two main schools of thought:  

  • Use your wedding color(s). 
    • If you’ve chosen an accent color for your wedding, this is an easy way to bring that same color into your invitations!
    • For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing blush and your flowers are blush and your invitations are white with blush calligraphy – choosing a blush wax seal might make the most sense!
    • If you are looking for an exact color match – make sure to order physical samples of everything first! Colors can look very different on computer screens than in real life!
  • Use traditional wax seal colors.  

Photo by Tara Lynn Butterworth | Stationery and Modeling by Jenny Sanders 

For more great advice on how to choose color for your wedding wax seals, here’s what our Featured Collection Artist, Jenny Sanders had to say:

“If you want to incorporate several colors and are unsure how to do it well, my advice would be to focus on one shade as the main color and to use others more subtly as accent colors.  It is easier to have one more bold color and to have the other shades you pair with be more soft.  And don’t forget that you have wonderful resources in Pinterest and Instagram where you can see the work of established designers to see how they incorporate color. 

For the DIY bride or the designer that may not be as comfortable putting together a color palette, I would say choose one main color and then use various intensities of that tone.  For example, if you love coral, perhaps use a deep coral ribbon and a medium coral envelope liner and a light coral wax seal.  Of course, you will want to make sure that the color you choose is carried through in the rest of your wedding as well. “

- Jenny Sanders

Photo by Tara Lynn Butterworth | Stationery and Modeling by Jenny Sanders 

What’s the Best Way to Make Wax Seals for My Wedding? 

You’ve designed the perfect wax seal and now you’re ready to gather your supplies and get started – but what type of wax seal should you use? What tools do you need? How do you know what to look for?

The first step is to decide whether you want to:   

While we talk all about this in detail in our How to Make A Wax Seal guide, the most important things to know are:  

  • Use the Right Tools.  
    • How good your wax seals look is directly related to the materials you use to make them! Investing in high quality sealing wax, stamps and premade wax seals will make all the difference when it comes time for delivery to your guests!
    • Most Important Things to Look For:
      • Always use solid brass stamps
      • Always use high quality, flexible sealing wax (with a low oil content)
      • Always choose premade wax seals that are individually pressed into flexible, mailable sealing wax!  Mass-produced plastic seals will not work the same.
  • Premade Wax Seals Will Be Your Best Friend.  
    • They are the fastest, easiest and most stress-free way to add wax seals to your wedding – which is why we recommend them 99% of the time.
    • Choosing premade seals will take your assembly from over 1 minute per seal – to 15 seconds or less!
  • It’s All About the Application!  
    • What you are putting your seals on will directly impact what wax seal method you should use!
    • Most Popular:
      • If you are mailing your wax seals - make sure you are using Professional Grade Wax Seals (or stamping directly onto your envelope) and following the instructions in our How to Mail Wax Seals guide.
      • If you need your wax seals to be removable and not damage what you’re putting them on - make sure to choose Resealable Wax Seals.
      • If you are adding wax seals to a curved surface (glass bottle, votive, mason jar, etc.) – make sure you are choosing Professional Grade Wax Seals
      • If you want to add flowers, glitter or other embellishments to your seals, you will want to use a Wax Stamp and Glue Gun Sealing Wax.

The Wrap Up

Now that you've worked your way through this guide, you're ready to add wax seals to your wedding and check one more thing off your list!

If you have any questions once your seals arrive, feel free to leave your questions below and make sure to read through our How to Make A Wax Seal Guide before you get started!

Photo by Tara Lynn Butterworth | Stationery and Modeling by Jenny Sanders 

We can't wait to see what you create for your big day and would love to see your seals in action - so make sure to tag us on social @artisaire so we can celebrate with you!

And don't forget friend, when it comes to planning your wedding, be gracious with yourself. This is a special time that comes with a lot of decisions, but the most important thing is to enjoy the process!

Happy Planning,

The Artisaire Team