For those of you as obsessed with silk ribbon as we are – we’ve got some BIG news for you today!

Inspired by our 2019 color palette, we have partnered with one of our favorite brands to create a new Silk Ribbon Collection – just in time for wedding season.

Having fallen in love with their ribbon and use of color, we were so excited to partner with Tono & Co. on this exciting project!

Today we’re sharing our latest interview with Janelle Wylie, founder of Tono & Co. to talk all things ribbon, color and how to use both like a pro.

Let’s dive in!


 Known their unique color philosophy and shared passion for color, we couldn’t think of a better brand to help us create our very first Silk Ribbon Collection

Drawing inspiration from our 2019 color palette and wedding collection, this palette is full of warm shades, earthy tones, and soft textures - the perfect compliment to any wedding palette.

Hi Janelle, thanks so much for being here! We’re so excited to chat more about this beautiful new palette that we’ve created together!  Before we dive in – can you tell our readers a little bit more about Tono? 
Tono originated from the Italian phrase “tono colore”, meaning color tone.  This is a reference to the color wheel, where the inspiration for all of our colors begins!  All of our colors and products are carefully hand-made by our small team of artisans in our studio in Santa Ana, California

How did you first get introduced to creating with color?

I began experimenting with color as a child.  My mom was always dabbling in the arts with graphic design and sculpture, so her influence on my interest in art and design started at a young age.


Whenever creating color, we strive for thoughtful shades that can be mixed and matched with your favorite pieces to create your own signature style!

Filled with the warm notes of ochre, peach, russet and clay from our 2019 Wedding Collection, we worked closely with Jenny Sanders to create the colors at the heart of this collection with colors that spoke to the earthy tones, elegant sophistication and refined romance of her work!

As needed in any palette, we rounded out our collection by adding a few signature cool tones as well – a steel gray, a crisp white, and a dramatic charcoal, which pair perfectly with our most popular wax shades from 2018!


Remember learning about the color wheel in grade school? 

That first time you mixed red and blue to make purple and how amazing that was?

That was exactly how we felt when we saw the first samples of our new ribbon shades!  A balance of art and science – creating with color is a fine art that Tono & Co. are truly experts at!

Can you tell us a little more about your creative process and how you turned our wax colors into our silk ribbon collection?

We have an extensive process to match color.  We start with a point sample, the kind you find in the home painting section at the hardware store.  We then have a team meeting where we discuss the qualities and breakdown the layers of the color.  Is it cool? Is it warm?  What pigments should be used to create the color?

Creating the dye recipe of a new tone is always the tricky part.  After we get some suggested recipes we move into live testing.  They dye team works o the measured recipe to we can achieve it again on a larger scale if we wish to.  The dye process is very calculated – down to the 0.01 gram of pigment.  Once we have live prototypes of silk samples, we can tweak the recipe until we achieve the tone we are after.

We’ve loved getting to know more about you and your process – especially the similarities between your ribbon and our wax – can you share a little more about your philosophy for creating color?

Color is a personal experience on so many levels.  The way your eye interprets the light bouncing off whatever colored object you are looking at is literally subjective to your perspective.  It’s a beautiful thing, color.  Definitely an emotional experience for me.  I’ve always been sensitive to the subtle changes in the tonality and it’s been a pleasure to use that sensitivity to now develop color with my team.


If you haven’t worked with silk ribbon before, you’re in luck! 

Over the next 2 weeks, we will be sharing insight tips and tricks how to use ribbon, care for it, style it, and find the right color for your wedding invitations – and today, we’re getting some exclusive tips from Janelle Wylie herself!

With any new project, practice is always a great idea – so make sure to get some twine or other ribbon to practice tying and arranging as a test before getting started with your actual invitations!

Janelle, what is the number one thing our readers should know about silk ribbon before getting started?

Silk is such a luxury to work with, the way it moves and folds is unmatched.  It’s stronger than you think and can be stronger than a strand of steel the same size!  I love that it’s a biodegradable item too!

1. know how much you need

I suggest to use a simple string or ribbon you have on hand to test out the style you wish to wrap your invitation in, then you can take a measurement to help you order more precisely.  12” is the minimum we would recommend for each invitation, but again it depends on the style you’re trying to achieve.

2. care for your ribbon properly

We like to use a hair straightener, set on low, to straighten the ribbon and get all the kinds out and get a smooth finish.  To wash, wash by hand with a mild detergent.  Rinse well and hang to dry.

3. find your color calling

What colors call your name?  Are you particularly attracted to a certain color?  If so, let it enter your life in whatever way comes natural!

Adding our new silk ribbon colors to your wedding invitations?

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