Behind The Scenes With Jenny Sanders

An Inside Look At Our 2019 Wedding Collection

This week we launched the third and final series of the 2019 Jenny Sanders Collection featuring six new designs: Amelia, Charlotte, Lena, Juliet and Genevieve; and two new wax colors: Haze and Terra!

Over the last few weeks, you’ve been asking to see what goes into creating our Featured Collections – so today we're taking you behind the scenes and sharing how we created Aesthete by Jenny Sanders: our 2019 Wedding Collection! 

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for Jenny’s tips on how to add this new series of designs to your wedding invitations and stationery! 

Meet Jenny

Every collection begins with our artist.

Having followed Jenny’s work for some time, we knew that her innovative approach to design was the perfect fit for our 2019 Wedding Collection.

We were SO thrilled when Jenny was just as excited about the idea as we were!

Inspirational stationer and designer, Jenny Sanders specializes in custom wedding stationery and aesthetic brand design. 

Passionate about creating beautiful moments for her bridal clients and supporting fellow stationers to grow and build their brands, we were so thrilled to work with Jenny on our 2019 Wedding Collection.

Known for her innovative approach to modern-minimalist design and ability to evoke emotion in paper and print, Jenny Sanders' refined style has been featured by: 

The Muse

Our goal with every Featured Collection is to showcase an incredible artist in our community through a beautiful collection of designs that we know you'll fall in love with!  Working with Jenny Sanders this year was no exception! 

With a shared passion for color, floral design and interiors, we wanted to create a collection that would incorporate the clean lines and modern design iconic to Jenny's work, with the traditional romance inherent to wax seals.

With the help of Jenny's design expertise, we worked together to set the direction of our 2019 collection using a mix of collective brainstorming, sketching and moodboards. 

"I wanted to translate my love for minimal design and typography into my wax seals.  I also kept the designs asymmetrical which, along with the levels, creates interest while still maintaining the overall minimal feeling that I love.

If I had to describe the overall mood and feeling for my series, it would be simple, refined and warm." 

- Jenny Sanders

Much like you would use your Pinterest board for wedding planning, this critical step helped us keep our collection cohesive during the entire development process - and ultimately helped us decide to launch our very first three-part collection

The Process

At the heart of every collection are the designs behind it!

Using theme as our guide, Jenny created a beautiful series of wax seal designs – each of which we quickly fell in love with! So much so… it was almost impossible to pare down to just 15 designs! 

Working through each one to see which best fit our theme, each design went from initial concept to illustration and then into its final format before heading on to engraving! 

Once we had selected our collection of designs, testing began! 

In true fashion, Jenny’s innovative approach to design pushed and inspired our team to create brand new engraving techniques to bring this collection to life!

In the first series of designs (which launched in January), we created a brand new engraving technique that would create textured layers of engraving - which provides such a beautiful depth and dimension in Audrey and Wren - two of our most popular designs from Jenny's Collection.  

For the third and final series of this collection, our Engraving Team developed another new technique that we are so excited for you to enjoy! 

Working with Jenny to learn more about the techniques she used to create her designs, our Engraving Team was able to create new methods of engraving that would bring life to line drawings and illustrations that would otherwise have laid flat when pressed into wax.

With the development of this technique, you will find Jenny's third and final series filled with stunning floral monograms that are just as dramatic as they are delicate - making them perfect for any wedding!


What would a collection of wax seals be without beautiful wax colors to pair with it?

Loving color as much as we do – we worked with Jenny to create 6 signature sealing wax colors to pair with this collection: Clay, Sienna, Mesa, Ginger - and most recently, Haze and Terra.

Creating color is something we absolutely love to do – but it is no easy task! As color changes so much between different mediums, trying to capture the color of a paint swatch or piece of handmade paper in wax is a balance of art and science.

Brainstorming several different color palettes, we wanted to create a set of warm, earthy tones that would be beautiful for every season!

To create each color, we use a Pantone-based color matching system.  Our Color Lab builds an initial custom color recipe for each shade and then adjusts shades of light and dark as needed to create the perfect hue. 

Once the shade is approved by our development team, we move onto full production of each shade - and that's when things really start to get exciting!


The last step of any collection is bringing it all together!

Photos, styling, creative direction, web development, shop building and more – this is the phase when things really start coming to life! 

We were so fortunate to work with both Jenny and Tara Lynn Butterworth on the beautiful imagery for this collection. Known for her beautiful film photography, Tara has worked with Jenny for her branding photography for the last few years – and we were so honored to have our seals captured by such an incredible duo!

Once all the creative and technical work for our website and shop are complete – the collection is officially built and ready for you to enjoy!  

About The New Series

Now that we’ve shared how we created the collection, it’s time to talk about how you will use it! Below we’re sharing the actual transcript from our latest interview with Jenny on how to add the new designs from her collection to you wedding this year!

Hi Jenny! Can you tell us a little bit more about this third collection of designs?

First of all, thank you so much for inviting me to collaborate! The three-part series were designed to build from the most minimal to the most intricate. With this third collection, we wanted to focus on intricate floral illustrations. The designs in this collection are asymmetrical, similar to the first two, yet with more detail. 

We’ve fallen in love with your beautiful florals! What do you think makes these designs so perfect for weddings?

Thank you. I think that flowers and weddings will always be a natural pairing. Almost every wedding has some type of floral element incorporated somewhere in the day. There is a romantic yet natural element to flowers that is a perfect fit to such a special occasion. Having this last collection focus on florals was a given. 

Where did your inspiration for these motifs come from?

My main inspiration comes from the flowers themselves. There are certain flowers that I am more drawn to and love to illustrate. Another big inspiration for me when I am illustrating florals are my favorite florists, Ashley of Tinge Floral and Madison of Hart Floral are two favorites. The way that they arrange and create balance in their arrangements helps me to plan my own compositions. 

Which design from this series is your favorite and why?

I always gravitate towards simplicity, so for this collection, Genevieve is my favorite!

How would you recommend our brides incorporate these into their wedding?

There are also many ways to use wax seals. Of course, sealing an envelope is probably the most common, however you can also use them to seal a wrap around the invitation. Get creative with the wrap; vellum, handmade paper, a coordinating printed pattern, ribbon, etc.

Don’t forget to incorporate them in your wedding day items as well. On a menu, on place cards, table numbers, there really are so many options. 

If a bride has already purchased one of the designs from your first two series – what is best way for them to incorporate these as well? Do you have any tips or tricks for mixing different patterns or themes into a wedding?

There are many different opportunities to incorporate a wax seal for your wedding. You could use one of the more simple ones for your save the date cards and a more intricate one for your invitations or your wedding day pieces.

When mixing patterns, I would recommend to keep one of them on the mores simple side. For example, if you already purchased one with a monogram, then use a seal with the florals only for the invitation, or use the last name initial for your wedding day items. 

Lastly, what advice do you have for brides who are looking to add special elements to their stationery on a limited budget?

Stick to a very simple suite in terms of type and layout and then find ways, such as adding a wax seal and a wrap to elevate your suite on your own. There are so many wonderful stationers who share their work that you can use as inspiration of what you can do then on your own.

Do not underestimate the impact of a simple wrap and a wax seal that can easily be done.

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