The 2019 Wedding Palette

Last week we launched the newest series of the Jenny Sanders Collection – featuring colors from our 2019 Wedding Palette!

Today we’re sharing an inside look at these new colors and what went into their creation! 

Oh, and did we mention that we will be sharing TWO MORE NEW WAX COLORS  at the end of this post that we haven't even told you about yet?  So, make sure to read all the way to the end for that announcement!

The 2019 Palette

Easily recognized by its warm hues, dusty tones and romantic shades, our 2019 Wedding Palette features muted neutrals and floral shades perfect for any style of wedding.

Working closely with Jenny Sanders, our 2019 Wedding Collection Artist we wanted to create a palette that would modernize wax seals and bring new life to the traditional metallic shades of Champagne and Blush that have been so popular over the last 4 years.

Turning to softer, more romantic shades, our 2019 Wedding Palette features: Clay, Sienna, Mesa, Ginger, Terra, Haze and Vellum – a brand new wax style developed earlier this year.

"The new vellum wax is a dream come true!  One of my favorite embellishments to add to an invitation suite is vellum, the new vellum wax seal color is the perfect compliment to the light, airy feel of vellum!"

- Aileen Fretz, Plume Calligraphy

"Thank you guys for having such beautiful on-trend colors.  Finding that perfect touch for someone's special day makes my job as a designer so much easier!  Plus, I didn't see these colors anywhere else!"

- Melody Anne Julius

"Love the quality of the wax!  The colors are brilliant and unique and I love how they worked with my suite!"

- Begona G.

"Absolutely the most beautiful wax I have ever used, and I have used a lot!"

-Vicki W.

Creating The Palette

Creating color in collaboration is at the heart of our brand.

The goal of every annual Wedding Palette is to bring you unique and unexpected color combinations for sealing wax and stationery that you (and your guests) will fall in love with!

Pulling inspiration and color swatches for the initial palette is our favorite part! Starting with hundreds of paint swatches, we mix and match shades to find the perfect starting point for our collection! It may look like we’re redecorating friends, but no – these swatches are the start of much bigger things!

This year we were lucky enough to brainstorm alongside Jenny Sanders – a true color-lover at heart. Drawing inspiration from interiors, fashion and home, we wanted to bring those colors to life in a new medium by bringing modern color to the sealing wax world!

When building our palette, the first step was to choose whether we wanted this year to be full of warm or cool tones? 

Second, color intensity: Do we want bold neons? Soft neutrals? Shades of grey?

Third, how can we add an element of surprise to our color palette/ Do we go add a bold accent color? A new style of wax? An unusual pairing or a new product?

Full of love for ALL the warm tones, soft shades and driven by our goal of creating a brand new style of sealing wax – we were ready to take our palette to the next step: Development!


As we’ve mentioned before, wax is an imperfect medium.  While this is one of the reasons why wax is so beautiful in the first place, it can make creating color very challenging!  As tint and temperature play such huge roles in the creation of wax, our manufacturing team at created a brand new way of making wax - which has completely changed the game!

Using their Pantone-matching color system and HeoFlex® Technology, our Color Lab builds out the base formula for each color – adding various shades of pigment to reach our starting base shade. From there, shades of light and dark are added until we find the perfect saturation and depth for each color.

As soon as samples are poured and stamped, we review the color as a team to make sure we’ve captured the essence of each shade and a true likeness to our inspiration color.

Once approved – the color is ready!

More Than Just Wax

As we said earlier, color for us is more than just about wax - it's about inspiring and creating color with others who feel the same!

For 2019, we knew that we wanted to bring you a new way to explore color that would pair perfectly with your wax seals - which is where silk ribbon came in!

Earlier this year we launch a collaboration with Tono & Co. – an incredible dye house and silk ribbon studio in Santa Ana, California. Working with Janelle and her incredible team, we expanded our Wedding Palette to include a beautiful selection of complimentary silk ribbon shades.

In case you missed the announcement, click here to read about our partnership!

Styling by Tono & Co. | Photos by Ryan Franklin

“A passion for color is something that we share with Artisaire, so we immediately found creative common ground. Artisaire partners with designers, like Jenny Sanders, to create curated pieces for all of your styling and stationary needs. They make all of their wax seals in-house and even have a full color lab where all of the creative magic happens! We are so happy to have Artisaire as our partner in development and love the look of the coordinating wax seals with our ribbon!“

- Janelle Wylie, Founder, Tono & Co.

Bringing The Palette To Life

Color on its own is one thing, but seeing color in action is where the true magic begins!

Wanting to give you beautiful ways to mix and match color from our new palette, we worked with our Featured Artists to build a set of inspired looks for your wedding stationery!

In the words of Wassily Kandinksy, “color is a power which directly influences the soul”. These wise words inspired the creation of our Stylist Series and hope you will join us in celebrating what color means to you this year, and in the years to come!

Did Someone Say Secret Colors?

We sure did!

For those of you who have been asking for cooler tones this year – we couldn’t help but add TWO MORE new colors that would share a little love to all you cool-loving creatives out there!

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Have suggestions for us?  Questions about our process or have suggestions for our 2020 palette? 

Be sure to leave them in the comments below and join us @artisaire to continue the conversation!

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