The Most Creative Ways To Use a Wax Seal Stamp

Wax stamps are a great way to add a little flair to your letter writing. There’s something special about sealing an envelope with wax and your own custom stamp design, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Did you know that there are endless ways to use your wax seal? From adding a personal touch to notes and gifts to giving your decorations and keepsakes a classy, elegant appearance, your options are endless. Get your money’s worth out of your stamp for wax seal with these three most creative ways to use a wax seal stamp.

Wrapping Presents

Envelopes aren’t the only things you can seal with your stamp. A wax seal is perfect for adding the final touches to a present. Seal your ribbon together or stick a bow in place with a beautiful wax design. You can also use sealing wax to attach a tag to the gift. If you really want to get creative, use wax to add a dried flower or other decorative touch. For example, sealing a holly branch to the top of a gift adds the perfect festive finesse for a Christmas gift.

Customizing Cards and Notes

Did you know that people used to use wax seals in place of signatures? You can do something similar with your stamp. Add a personal touch to notes, cards, invitations, and more. Customize your stamp to create a family seal or other unique design. Alternatively, keep it simple with flowers or a well-meaning phrase to add some class to your notes. This works great for thank-you notes or party invitations. You can also customize name plates, bookmarks, and other possessions this way.

Shadow Boxes and Keepsakes

Do you enjoy scrapbooking or creating shadow boxes? You can use many of the most creative ways to use a wax seal stamp to create gorgeous designs for your memories. Use stamps to adhere letters, cards, and other papers to the page. Alternatively, add creative details to your decorations by sealing ribbons, dried flowers, or other beautiful little touches in place. Wax seals are perfect for filling an empty corner of the page or shadow box, adding something fancy and stylish to your memories.