How To Place a Wax Seal Over Ribbon

What’s better than putting a wax seal on your letter or invitation? Adding ribbon to the project! Pairing wax seals with ribbon creates a clean, neat look for your project while also adding a truly unique element. Do you want to create a pop of color on your scrapbook page? Are you looking for the perfect way to physically and artistically tie those wedding invitations together? Maybe you just want a reason to use the rest of that spool of twine you have hidden at the back of your craft drawer. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with wax and ribbon. Learn how to place a wax seal over ribbon and create an exquisite finish for your project with this guide.

Start With Your Supplies

To make your project a success, you must start with all the right supplies on hand. Before you begin, make sure you have the invitation, letter, or another page you want to attach the ribbon and wax seal to. Next, gather everything you need for both the ribbon and the wax seal. If you’re using an actual wax stamp, make sure you have a microfiber cloth and ice pack on hand to keep the stamp clean and cool between seals. If you use pre-made seals, be sure to order ones that don’t have an adhesive backing. You’ll also need melting wax in the same color as the seals. Finally, purchase thick wax paper and cut it into small sheets. These will help you protect the invitation or other project from spare wax as you work.

Prep, Seal, and Perfect

The next step in how to place a wax seal over ribbon is the most exciting one: attaching the ribbon and wax to your project. There are many ways to attach the ribbon or twine. You can use it to line one side of the page, wrap it around the center as a belly band, or create a bow by arranging the excess strands of ribbon. No matter what your plan is, make sure your ribbon is as flat as possible on the page. This will make it much easier to create a clean seal. Once your ribbon or twine is on the page, slide a sheet of thick wax paper underneath to act as a protective layer. Finally, add the wax seal. If you use a pre-made seal, use a little bit of melting wax to attach it to the ribbon.

Once your seal is in place, wait for it to dry completely before carefully removing the wax paper. When you’re done, the seal will be attached to the ribbon and nothing else, leaving you with a flawless page or invitation. Perfect your project by styling the loose ends of ribbon or adding any other details. Then, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to admire your beautiful work.