How To Make Wax Seals

Written by Artisaire on 2020 Sep 2nd

How To Make Wax Seals

You absolutely love wax seals, but you don't know how make them, or what you need to do it. Fear not, wax seals are simple and we are going to take you through proper planning, products, process, and perfecting to make sure your wax seals are absolute envelope show-stoppers.

Planning, oh how we love you

Having a plan before you start making your seals is very important. There are many different methods to making wax seals and each has their own time and place. We wouldn't recommend tackling 150 wedding invitations with your trusty sealing wax spoon and a tea-light candle (unless you got a bottle of wine or two on hand). Here is a chart of what method will work for your project:

Method When To Use Time Required Notes

Sealing Wax Spoon + Beads

For personal correspondance.
A few letters at a time

1-2 minutes per seal

Perfect for slowing down

Sealing Wax Gun + Sticks

For Under 100 seals

15 - 20 seconds per seal

Ideal for general use

Pre-made Wax Seals

100+ wax seals

None, already made.
Applies like a sticker.

Perfect time-saver,
plus we only send you the best

Products, what you need for your project

Depending on your preferred method, you will need different supplies. We've been providing wax seal products for the last 30 years, if you need any help or recommendations we are happy to help. After you get an idea of what products are needed we will move on to how to use them.

Glue Gun Method

The glue-gun method is the staple of making wax seals. It gives you enough flexibility to get creative while not being overly time consuming. For a project with the glue gun method you will need:

  • Wax Stamp
  • Sealing Wax Sticks (approx. 40 seals per 5 pack)
  • Low Temperature Glue Gun (0.44" diameter)
  • Lunch Kit Ice pack (a zip-lock bag full of ice works as well)
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Silicone Mat (typically found in baking/cooking aisles)

Glue Gun Method Recommendations

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Sealing Wax Bead Method

Light a scented handle, then gush your feelings on paper to your loved ones. The sealing wax spoon method is perfect for slowing down and taking your time. You will need:

  • Wax Stamp
  • Sealing Wax Beads (1 bead per seal)
  • Sealing Wax Spoon
  • Lunch Kit Ice Pack
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Silicone Mat (typically found in baking/cooking aisles)

Sealing Wax Bead Method Recommendations

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Pre-made Method

If you are short on time, or have a lot of seals to make, we can take care of it for you. Our Wax Seals are pre-made and finished with an adhesive backing. Giving you the perfect wax seal look in seconds. What you'll need:

  • Wax Seals, and nothing else.

Wax Seal Recommendations

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Process, step by step to beautiful wax seals

Now comes the fun part, actually making your wax seals. We recommend gather all your supplies before you start, and clearing your work space as sealing can be messy. To get started, chill your wax stamp on ice, and make sure you have a silicone mat to place your spoon or sealing wax gun down on.

Heat Up

Glue Gun Method

  • Plug Sealing Wax gun into electrical plug (comes with a North American plug)
  • Insert 2 sealing wax sticks, requires 2 sticks in the chamber to dispense
  • Wait 5-7 minutes for sealing wax gun to heat up

Spoon Method

  • Light candle or an open flame
  • Place 1 bead into sealing wax spoon
  • Ensure protective cover is on spoon
  • Hold spoon above flame, avoiding direct contact
  • Wait 1-2 minutes for bead to melt


Glue Gun Method

  • Hold your sealing wax gun 1-2 inches above your surface and squeeze the trigger
  • Aim for a pour slightly larger than your stamp
  • Place Sealing Wax Gun on silicone mat

Spoon Method

  • Pour liquid sealing wax onto your surface
  • Aim for a pour slightly larger than your stamp
  • Place spoon on silicone mat after pouring


Wipe the head of your wax stamp off with a microfiber cloth or your palm, then press into sealing wax. Leave for 5 - 10 seconds then gently peel your stamp away. If it sticks, allow more time to cool. If there is a lot of sticking, try letting your sealing wax cool a bit before stamping.

Perfecting, little secrets that make all the difference

Styled Seals Trick

Modern Style

Organic Style

The look of your seals depends a lot on how your pour them. Experiment with different heights from your envelopes, as well as patterns. Going low, and keeping your glue gun steady will create a very round looking seal. Whereas pouring a bit higher and being random will create an organic look.

The Belly-band Trick

To get the perfect belly-band first cut a strip of aluminium foil or silicone and place behind your belly-band. Make sure your band is tight then pour some wax on the joining sections. Allow to cool for a moment, then pour more sealing wax on the joining section and press into the wax with your stamp.

The Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our step-by-step guide to making wax seals #theartisaireway and hope this has been helpful and informative!

Whether you are planning to add wax seals to your envelopes, wedding invitations, rsvp cards, save the dates, seating charts, or any other application – as long as you have the right tools and the time to practice your technique, you can create something truly beautiful!