How To Add Wax Seals To Your Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation is more than just a way to bring people to your ceremony. It’s also a gorgeous keepsake and a way to mark one of the most memorable days of your life. That’s why preparing wedding invitations is one of the most important tasks on any engaged couple’s to-do list. You don’t want to rush through the process or settles for cheap or boring invites. One way to cover each invitation with beauty and class is to use wax seals. Discover all the gorgeous ways you can personalize your invites with this guide on how to add wax seals to your wedding invitations.

Why You Should Use Wax Seals

Why are wax seals so popular for wedding invitations? The reasons are endless. They’re a traditional way to sign a letter or seal an envelope. By stamping a fancy seal on your invitations, you send that touch of traditional elegance to every person on your mailing list. This is also a great opportunity to show off your new initials by choosing a monogrammed wax stamp.

Choose Your Method

When it comes to how to add wax seals to your wedding invitations, you have options. Make the process quick and clean with self-adhesive wax seals you can simply peel and stick to your invites. Alternatively, make a night out of crafting your invitations by gathering all the supplies to melt, pour, and stamp your seals. No matter which option you choose, make sure you have all your supplies on hand before you begin. Making wax seals is fun experience, so once you start you’ll want to settle in and enjoy the process.

Decorate Your Way

Wax seals are beautiful by themselves, but you don’t have to stop there. You can also add ribbon, dried flowers, and other gorgeous little touches to your invitations. If you choose to add embellishments with your wax seals, make sure you lay them as flat as possible on the page before making your seal. This will help the seal stick better and create a clean, neat look on the invitation. You can also experiment with colors to make an invitation that matches your wedding’s theme and color scheme. Don’t be afraid to sample colors and make a few test seals before you commit to the perfect choice.