Wax Seals Made For You

Skip the how-to videos, these wax seals apply like a sticker

The Finest Wax Stamps

Made from solid brass and expertly engraved

Beautiful Sealing Wax

Blended for maximum color and durability

How To Make Wax Seals

Our complete guide on how to make picture perfect wax seals.

How To Mail Wax Seals

You've sealed it beautifully, now let's make sure it arrives intact to your guests.

Top 10 Questions About Sealing Wax

We answer the top questions our clients ask when shopping for sealing wax.


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Coming Soon: 2020 Summer Collection

We're celebrating the joys of new life with the 2020 Suimmer Collection, plus a giveaway with a $200 grand prize pack!


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Can't Decide On Your Favorite Color?

Try our Color Comparison tool to find your color!